Linnie Minton Cole Hill to be honored on her 100th birthday

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Linnie Minton Cole Hill will be honored on her 100th birthday with a reception from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, July 12, at Monette Manor. Cake, punch and refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited to stop by and celebrate with Mrs. Hill.

Mrs. Hill has lived most of her life in the Leachville area. As a matter of fact, she lived over 60 years in her home at 306 East Fourth Street on the corner of Fourth and Ada Streets. She is the daughter of the late Amanda and Zach Minton of Walnut Ridge.

She said she has had a good life, lived in a great place, and had wonderful neighbors. She lived at home, cooked her own meals and oversaw her yard work until the age of 96.

Four years ago she broke her hip and shoulder and spent time in rehab. She was home about a month when she fell and broke her knee. After that, she went to live at Monette Manor.

Mrs. Hill came to the Buffalo Island area in 1938. They first moved to the Boynton area where she worked at a store in the community. The community had a gin and a store.

She then moved to Leachville For many years she worked at Pyett Dime Store in Leachville and later at Taybor Dry Goods Store in Leachville.

"If we didn't have what the customer wanted, we would get it," Mrs. Hill said. "Leachville was a busy place in those days. Working in the stores I got to know almost everyone in town."

She is a longtime member of the First Baptist church where she taught Sunday School for many years. She has very fond memories of the young people that came through her Sunday School classes.

She was also very active in the Eastern Star.

Mrs. Hill said she had the best neighbors in the world.

Pete and Estella Dortch live next door to Mrs. Hill and they share some very fond memories.

Mr. Dortch was about five years old when Mrs. Hill moved next door to his parents Beatrice and Ira Dortch.

"She gave me a bright, red parasol when I was about five years old and I thought that was the greatest thing," Mr. Dortch said.

Mrs. Hill said she remembers that well.

"He wouldn't share the shade of the parasol with anyone," she said. "I hope I never forget hearing Pete as a little boy yelling that he loved me from across the street."

Pete grew up and moved from Leachville. The Dortchs' spent 31 years in California but also made 31 trips back to Arkansas to visit their families and always visited Mrs. Hill.

When they retired and decided to move back to Leachville in 1994, they bought his parents' home and once again got to be neighbors to Mrs. Hill. They all enjoyed living by each other and Mr. Dortch still takes care her home and the beautiful flowers in her yard. They visit Mrs. Hill on a regular basis and keep her updated on "things at home."

She has seen a lot of changes in her 100 years from wagons to the modern automobiles. She said it was a slow transition as improvements were made year after year. She remembers well traveling on the Bull Moose train that came through the Leachville area on a regular basis. She said she did not think about reaching a hundred but she is grateful for her life.

"If the Lord wants me to, I will live another year. If he is ready to take me home, I am ready to go. Like everyone else I have had problems, but all in all I have had a good life." Mrs. Hill said.

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