Golfers enjoy first tournament

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Three young Manila golfers were pleased with their 37 score for nine holes on their first three-person scramble.

Drew Warren, 12, Jared Hembrey, 11, and Blake Wheeler, 11, have been taking golf lessons from Tony Hawkins for three weeks. The boys enjoyed their first scramble last Tuesday. The young men shot a 37. They shot one over par on one hole, par for six holes, had two bogeys, and one birdie.

"This was the first scramble for the boys and they had a great score - 37 is a good score for any age player," Hawkins said. "They are very dedicated and a great group to work with."

All of the boys have played golf a little over the last year or two, but all agree they want to get serious with their game and do the best they can.

All of the boys play baseball and Jared and Blake also play basketball. They enjoy sports, but all agree that golf is becoming a favorite sport.

Blake's favorite part of the game is driving. Drew said his favorite is making a monster birdie putt. Drew's goal is to make even par. Jared said he enjoys chipping.

The boys are looking forward to the remainder of the golf season and improving their game.

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