"Painted House" comes back home

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

The Citizens For Progress men's group met in Lepanto on April 28 and finalized plans for bringing the "Painted House" movie structure back to Lepanto, for its final resting place.

Six men involved in dismantling and transporting the house were in attendance, which included Buddy Pounders, Bob Glover, Tony Anderson, Lepanto Mayor Dale Dunlap, Gerald Burks and Melton Emery.

The "Painted House" structure is currently on display at Crown Center, in Kansas City. Several members of the Citizens For Progress group plan to leave for Kansas City on May 11, with the remainder leafing on the following day. They will begin actual work on the house on May 12.

The group chose the route northward to Springfield, MO, then west to Kansas City, for their caravan of trucks and trailers returning to Lepanto.

Topics of concern at Monday's meeting included, need for small and large trailers, overall height and width of trailer when loaded, miles in transport, days to get the job done, and the Lepanto delivery point. When back in Lepanto the group will make decisions on reinforcing the floors and walls for public use. The possibility of using cross-ties or bridge timber was discussed. Paint will also be needed to restore the house when reassembled.

The group estimated the time span for tearing down and loading the 30x60 foot house, at a day and a half. They decided that the 9 foot 3 inch walls would reach a height of 13 foot 3 inches when loaded on the trailer, with the possibility of loading pieces flat and being able to control the height. Bridge clearances will be checked in route planning. Boxed-in trailers or trucks will be used for transporting home furnishings, donated by Hallmark for use at the Lepanto site.

Ben and Betty Sharp, of Lee's Summit, MO, have agreed to pay the cost for a crew to dismantle the structure in Kansas City. The donation by the Sharps is estimated at $2,500 and will not only be a great monetary savings for the Lepanto committee, but also a manpower and time saver as well. The Sharps will also be providing parking for the trucks and trailers, at their home in Lees Summitt.

The Lepanto group has made plans to stay at the Comfort Inn, in Lee's Summit, near the Sharp's home. All expenses to and from Kansas City will be paid for personally by each of the individuals making the trip, except for one professional driver, who's expenses will be paid out of the treasury.

Plans are to work with a sky-hook in Kansas City, to load and position, and use a fork lift when the structure returns to Lepanto, for unloading. The Ritter family, of Marked Tree, has donated land at the south end of Lepanto main street, for use as a permanent home for the "Painted House" tourist attraction. The pieces of the "Painted House" structure will be unloaded onto the lot, and covered by tarps until they can be rebuilt and refurbished.

Men committed to taking a truck or trailer for transporting the sections of the "Painted House" are: Buddy Pounders, Pete Cox, Trine Abbott, Bob Glover, Tony Anderson, Boyd Wayne Tucker, Ray Nichols, Melton and Monte Emery. Families of the men, and other supporters will also be making the trip, to assist in any way possible.

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