Lake City Museum has new home

Friday, May 2, 2003

The Lake City Museum is enjoying its new home at 300 Cobean Street, where city hall was formerly located.

Brenda Hutchison serves as curator of the museum and is assisted by a museum board and a host of volunteer workers. The museum board consist of Hutchison, Jerry Freeman, Debbie Nunnally, Jerry Bowman, Sandra Nall, Jackie Williams, Marie George, Jimmie Taylor, Judy Dudley, Trace Smith and Toni Bowman.

The museum is open each Wednesday from 1-5 p.m. Starting in May the museum will also be open on Saturdays from 1-5 p.m.

The original grand opening of the museum was held in June last year, in the newly constructed city hall complex, at 406 Court Street, in historic downtown Lake City.

"We experienced growing pains, right from the beginning," Hutchison said. "We were so thankful to have the nice new place at city hall to begin our museum but had not anticipated growing in volume so fast. Before we knew it, we hardly had space to walk around.

"The city has been so generous to us that we hated to complain but had to look at something more spacious. The city offered us the use of the old facility, which was nice and spacious. We were thrilled. The museum is owned and furnished by the city and they pay utilities and upkeep.

"we had the use of several rooms, so we have tried to break up the exhibits into sections. We have a catfish room, a kitchen, a drug store, a post office, a veteran's room and a large revolving exhibit room."

The museum will hold a fundraiser on May 17, with all proceeds to go to the museum. Special events during the day will consist of lip singing, prize giveaways, and an old fashioned bake sale auction.

Volunteer Pat Richardson held up an old quilt, made in 1936, that was received from Laura Jane Bowman's granddaughter, Erma Jane Doak Richardson. The quilt is made of clothing left over by all the brothers after they returned from World War I. The pieces of cloth are put together in a crazy quilt design.

A 100 year old quilt was donated to to the museum from Jim Robertson's great grandmother. Several quilt tops came from Ellen Stewart's mother, Mrs. Wood.

Some items are gifts to the museum, while others are just on loan.

The veteran's room displays old service uniforms, along with battle memorabilia.

"We dream of having more room, still," Hutchison said. "We still need to add show cases and mannequins to properly display the items we have received. We would like to secure a grant to help us with the expense.

"It is simply amazing how people have responded to our establishing a museum. They have held on to priceless keepsakes, in hopes that someday they could be on display for all to enjoy. Finally, we have such a place. Until our space runs out, we plan to keep increasing our inventory. The people have proven to us they want this museum, as much as we do."

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