Theme chosen for 2003 Relay for Life

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The Buffalo Island cancer Relay for Life steering committee members met Thursday night selecting a theme for the 2003 event, sharing ideas and making plans for the Sept. 19 event.

Martha Smith, community representative for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, was in Monette for the meeting and presented the new design for the "survivors" tee-shirts with the slogan "Walking on Sunshine, Surviving One Day at A Time."

Attending the meeting included Chairman Shelia Spurlock, Steve and Barbara Suber, Brenda Matheny, Tina Matheny, Melvin Browning, Debbie Sexton, Karen Wallace, Syrena Duffel, Mike Matheny, and Janice Edgin.

Spurlock announced that the city of Leachville became a sponsor and donated $1,000 to the event.

"We need sponsors and we need teams," Spurlock said. "We need to try to get our churches and organizations to get teams together for the event."

Smith explained that any number can be on a team but most are made up of eight to 15 members that work together. The teams can sponsor any type of fundraiser they choose and the goal is for each team member to raise $100 each with teams combining their efforts. Teams are encouraged to set up any type of booth or event for the all night Relay for Life.

A list of the fundraisers that were conducted last year included a golf tournament, three wrestling matches, road blocks, talent show, community dinner, pancake breakfast, sing fest and dinner, softball tournament, bake sales, Cardinal Packet drawing, Red Bird Packet drawing, Poker Run, dinner and movie give away, car wash, box dinner auction, calendar sales, quarter drive, jail and bail, massage, dunking booth, dart throws, quilt give away, Pampered Chef Party, Home Interior Candle sales, and food sales the night of the Relay.

The committee agreed on a Hollywood movie theme for this year's event. The slogan, "Producing a Cure for Stars of the Island," was chosen.

Barbara Suber said she had been asked why the Relay event is going to be held in Leachville again and not rotated as had been announced last year.

Spurlock said the original plans were to rotate.

"We need a lot of parking, lighting, and extra electrical hook-ups for the booths. We looked at the Monette park and realized it has residential areas very close and we were afraid that bands and activities might disturb the people. We were not sure if the other parks were equipped with electrical outlets so we decided to leave it at Leachville one more year. We will be happy to look at rotating to the other towns starting in 2004 if representatives from the towns let us know they want it there. We will need several people in the area to volunteer to take charge making sure the park is prepared for the activities. Leachville city employees were very helpful last year in getting the park ready and assisting us," Spurlock said.

Anyone that is interested in helping with the Buffalo Island Cancer Relay for Life, forming a team, or taking part in any way is encouraged to do so.

The next meeting has been set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Monette Housing Authority Community Room at 429 South Williams Street.

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