Group works to preserve "Painted" homestead

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Citizens for Progress Committee members met at Lepanto City Hall on March 4 to complete plans in their valiant effort to bring the movie version homestead, used in the filming of "A Painted House", to its final resting place in Lepanto.

"Our committee worked hard to get the 29 framed posters attached to the businesses downtown," committee president Mary Ann Deeds said. "We had 100 percent participation from the merchants, and some even told us they would like more put up.

"There have been people come to Lepanto and conduct their own tour of the businesses and posters, just to see what they contained. We haven't even drawn up the self-guided tour yet, and they are doing their own.

"Our Valentine cake sale was a huge success," Deeds continued. "We sold 150 cakes at $5 each. After expenses and with added donations of cash and cake ingredients, we made a profit of $780. This will be a great help.

"You should have seen the assembly line at Stephen's Square, as we prepared the cakes for baking. This was definitely a group effort. Even though it was work, we had a lot of fun doing it."

Committee treasurer Guanna Combs reported the group's current balance as $5,924.93.

The committee is planning yet another bake sale, the Saturday before Easter, April 19, to help with expenses of the trip to Kansas City. The bake sale theme will be "Town of the 1950's." Participants are asked to dress in their favorite 50's outfit and take part in the baked sale, which will be at the Lepanto City Hall. Joyce Barnes agreed to set up an Easter bunny Polaroid photo booth and sell pictures for $3.50, with profits to go to the committee. Barnes also agreed to sell two Home Interior candles, with proceeds to go to the committee treasury.

Lepanto Mayor Dale Dunlap and his wife Marie reported on their visit to the Hemmingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center in Piggott, to obtain tourism ideas that could be adapted for completing Lepanto's Painted House display. Mrs. Dunlap also reported that 90 letters had been sent out encouraging project donations.

The committee is currently working to formulate their nonprofit bylaws in preparation for future grant applications.

The committee accepted the offer from Dale Adamson, Doris Pounders' brother, to draw three different professional outlines (mock sketches), showing set construction for visualization to property owners and townspeople.

Deeds listed 12 volunteers who plan, if needed, to take their trucks and equipment on the trip to Kansas City on May 11. Pounders is in the process of making motel arrangements for those needing a place to stay while in Kansas City working on dismantling and loading the set building.

Doris and Buddy Pounders plan to make a trip to Kansas City to video the reconstruction of The Painted House replica, for a guide to reassembling it in Lepanto.

For more information persons may contact Lepanto City Hall at 870-475-2415 or Mayor Dale Dunlap, 475-2230.

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