LC Council meets in special session

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Lake City City Council met in special session Feb. 19 to discuss the Lake City Baseball and Softball Association board election and city support of the program.

Ballots for LCBSA board members were sent out with the city's February water bills. Six individuals have been chosen to serve on the 2003 board, and include Michael Boatman, Alan Blagg, Lisa Weaver, Winred Saffell, Boyd Cobb and Curt Timms. The seventh board member, Terry Chisnall, was appointed by the City.

A public meeting was held Feb. 16 to discuss plans for the upcoming year. Past board chairman, Ben Barnes, resigned before the meeting began. A organizational meeting of the board was planned for Feb. 21, with the selection of officers and coaches.

The council voted unanimously to accept the LCBSA bylaws and keep a copy of the agreement on file at city hall.

Discussion involved the potential reinstatement of the T-ball program, with a traveling team, regulation age limits, and the keeping of score. The city only had two T-ball teams last year.

Some cities have all volunteer teams, managed by booster clubs and organizations. The council discussed the feasibility of raising gate admission for summer ball games from $1 to $2, in order to offset growing expenses. No fundraisers are currently held by the ball teams and the city underwrites the support of the teams.

Many players find sponsors to help them pay for their uniforms, where other parents take care of those expenses. Ball uniforms range from $35 to $55 each. The council agreed that they just wanted the city ball program to be able to pay for itself and adhere to accepted bylaws.

"There were some problems last year, and we hope that the board can work together this year to take care of these situations," Mayor Jerry Bowman said. "These teams are not a part of the school program and should not be involved in the school district. This is a city program."

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