BIC millage approved

Thursday, September 26, 2002

The Buffalo Island Central School District passed a measure to increase property taxes by three mills to make improvements to the schools.

"We're tickled to death that it passed," Superintendent George Edd Holland said.

The measure passed 311 in favor to 228 opposed. The increase went from 28 to 31 mills.

The tax will allow the school to build a new gymnasium at Monette, renovate the existing gym at Leachville and renovate the junior high building at Leachville to solve water problems.

"It will solve some old problems," Holland said. "The kids are excited."

Holland said the architect has already visited the school district a couple of times and will be making a lot more visits in the weeks to come. He is scheduled to come at the end of next week or the first of the following week to begin "laying the groundwork on the junior high," Holland said.

"The architect will shoot the grade and determine the natural flow of water," Holland said.

The junior high has suffered damage in the past from improper water drainage.

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