New coach has high hopes for Manila girls

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

MANILA Codie Malloy is in her first year of coaching at Manila schools. She steps in as the new junior and senior high girls' coach as well as the new softball coach and physical education and health teacher.

Malloy's prior experience includes coaching softball at Westside in Jonesboro during the 2000-01 season and coaching senior high girls' varsity basketball in Greeneville, Mo. during the 2001-02 season.

Malloy graduated from River Valley High School. She earned an associate degree from Crowley's Ridge College and a bachelor's degree in physical education and health from Arkansas State University.

She is the daughter of John and Paula Malloy of Poughkeepsie, formerly of Manila.

Malloy sees promise in the junior high and high school basketball teams.

"I feel like we've got some talent," Malloy said, speaking on her junior high team. "I'm really impressed with the eighth-graders. We have a seventh-grader, Michelle Daniel, who is really going to come up and help the junior high team. She has the mental capacity and the athleticism. She works on getting better.

"My goal is to be successful. I want to stress teamwork. The junior high crew will win some ballgames.

"Rachel Cheadle, Annette Hiser, Katie Veach and Whitney Shepard -- these four are going to be key players. There will be several others to give minutes but these four will run the tempo. The team will build from them and how hard they work."

The team has been lifting weights, working on conditioning and working on fundamentals to prepare for the season, Malloy said.

"I couldn't begin to say enough about the senior high team," Malloy said. "We have so much talent on the team. We only have eight players so we're going to have to learn to depend on each other."

Christina Lester and Mari Lou Perez are the only two returning seniors. Natalie Tippy is a junior. All saw a lot of playing time last season, Malloy said.

"Their work habits have improved," Malloy said of the senior girls' team. "I'm impressed with the effort they've shown. Michelle Eubanks, K.C. Chipman, Debra White, Amanda Henson and Julie Dawson have all been working hard in practice. All contribute their time and will contribute minutes in games.

"I can tell we're already getting stronger, getting in shape. When we get to the season we'll be physically strong and mentally prepared. We've got five weeks to get ready for the first game. We will play in Cave City in a benefit game to kick off the season. We play our first game the 21st at home.

"I hope we get support from the town and build up fans," Malloy said. "We are going to win some basketball games. I told the girls I don't see anybody on our schedule that we can't beat. They're that good.

"I'm really excited. There is so much talent on this team, I am just amazed. This is going to be a building year. They are going to have to adjust to me and my expectations and my expectations are high. I expect this crew to make it to the state tournament."

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