Lake city Museum to relocate

Thursday, September 5, 2002
Packing up and getting ready to move the Lake City Museum. Pictured are Jerry Freeman and Deborah Nunnally. (Town Crier photo/Doris Warner)

The Lake City Museum recently located in the new city hall in Lake City but soon outgrew its home.

The City Council recently approved to allow the museum to use the old city hall building on Cobean Boulevard.

Museum Committee members began packing on Wednesday for the move. The committee is excited about having more space to allow additional displays for the visitors.

Plans are being made for an art room, a military room and, in conjunction with the Cottonfest, a cotton room.

The art room will display art from area residents both children and adults.

"There isn't any place for our residents to display their art work whether it be paintings, drawings or photographs," Brenda Hutcheson, committee chairman, said.

The new military room will honor veterans in all branches of the military. Displays will consist of old uniforms, pictures, and anything that is connected with the military.

The cotton exhibit will display artifacts of cotton and will tell the role that Lake City played in the raising and harvesting of cotton.

Hutcheson said that a new cookbook is scheduled to be sold during the Cottonfest on Oct. 19.

"Recipes are being collected now from residents and former residents of Lake City," Hutcheson said. "We need as many recipes as we can get."

Anyone that would like to have a recipe included in the cookbook may contact Hutcheson at (870) 237-4666 or mail to 801 Buffalo Street, Lake City, AR 72437.

Hutcheson said that the committee wanted to make the Catfish display a permanent exhibit and a room will be set aside to feature memorabilia. The Catfish Room will also display articles from Dixie School history.

"There is a tie between Lake City and Dixie. Several students from the Dixie School District attended school in Lake City. Therefore, we will be displaying Dixie school composites, also," Hutcheson said.

Anyone who has items they would like to loan to the museum, or a favorite recipe for the upcoming cooking, may contact Hutcheson, Jerry Bowman, Traci Smith, Jackie Williams, Jerry Freeman, Debbie Nunnally, Judy Dudley or Jimmie Taylor.

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