Buffalo Island "Survivors" sought

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Buffalo Island Relay for Life is trying to compile a list of residents on Buffalo Island who are survivors of cancer.

Sheila Spurlock, chairman, recently said, "Survivors are the focus of this campaign. We struggle against cancer in recognition of their victories and in the desire to increase the number of victors."

Spurlock also noted that there are two categories of survivors. The first, are those who were besieged by the illness and through a variety of treatments, are alive today. They will be the ones who take the first, symbolic "Victory Lap" at 7 p.m. Sept. 20, at the Leachville City Park. All such survivors are urged to call their local contact number in their respective Buffalo Island Community.

Contacts are:

Monette - Barb and Steve Suber, 486-2597.

Leachville - Nancy Sills, 539-2564.

Caraway - Leisa Couch, 482-3853.

Manila - Donna Walls, 561-8000.

Black Oak - Karen Vaughn, 486-5608.

A second category of survivors, are those who have survived the loss of a family member or loved one that were taken by the disease. For those survivors, there are other events that will permit them to recognize and honor those whom they have lost to cancer. From T-shirts, to luminaries, there will be a level for all to offer support. More information will be available from campaign teams and other workers as well as through upcoming news releases.

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