Lakeside Nursing Center veterans honored

Friday, July 12, 2002

Lakeside Nursing Center's eight veterans who served during World War II were honored last week as Americans remembered and celebrated Independence Day.

The veterans' pictures are displayed on the front bulletin board. A flag was placed on each side of the board.

Veterans residing at Lakeside Nursing Center include Cecil Robinson, Carroll Philpot, Lloyd Hale, Clyde Felts, William Crist, Elmer Schilly, Milton Honnoll and William Massey.

Robinson served in the Army for two years.

Hale served 28 months in the Army. He was stationed in Missouri and Colorado.

Felts started his military life in the National Guard in Jonesboro. He joined the Air Force prior to the war. During the war, he flew 50 missions over Germany. His rank was first lieutenant.

Crist served in the Army and Air Force during World War II. He was a sergeant.

Schilly served five years in the Army during World War II. He was in the Illusion Islands and India. He was a sergeant.

Honnoll was a tech sergeant in the Army during the War. He was stationed stateside as a mechanic. He worked on all Army vehicles.

Massey served in the U.S. Navy as sergeant during World War II. He was stationed in the Orient, Australia, Phillipines and China.

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