Fallen police officers honored

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

A special tribute was given on June 21, at the Monette First Baptist

Church, to honor the fallen police officers in the Eastern District of

Craighead County.

Craighead County Sheriff, Jack McCann, of Jonesboro, and Eastern

District Deputy Sheriff, Dewaine Malone were on hand to greet the visitors,

along with other Sheriff's Department deputies and local law enforcement


Bob Blankenship served as Master of Ceremonies and welcomed those in

attendance. The Monette American Legion posted the colors. Carrying the U.S.

flag was Larry Drummond, Larry Rolland the Arkansas flag, and Jerry Reed the

Christian flag. Stacey Qualls sand "Star Spangled Banner" following the U.S.

pledge of allegiance. Pastor of the Monette Church of Christ, Larry

Woodward, led the opening prayer.

Monette First Baptist pastor, Rev. Captain Lovell recognized the six

fallen officers, who had served in the Eastern District. These included:

Albert N. Moore, constable of Black Oak Township; James H. Jenkins, Chief

Deputy Eastern District; George W. Spencer, Chief Deputy Eastern District;

Lenoir (Lee) Baker, Chief Deputy Sheriff Eastern District; Samuel Abel

Thompson, City of Monette Marshall, Township Constable and Deputy Sheriff;

and Paul Andrew Heath, Constable of Buffalo Island Township.

Laverne Baker Bupp and family were in attendance.

"We will recognize the fallen officers and their families when the

memorial plaque is completed and hung at the Eastern District Courthouse, in

Lake City," said Rev. Lovell.

Sherif McCann, who is credited with having the vision of the plaque for

the fallen officers, took the stage to recognized Bill Hook, of Lake City,

for his many years of service to Craighead County as Eastern District Deputy


"Bill is a living legend in these parts," said McCann. "He was serious

about his job, and tough on crime. I don't know of another man in the United

States that has done any more for law and order than Bill. We want to honor

him for his lifetime of service. The residents of the eastern district were

lucky to have him over here for so long.

"There is not a person here that could not tell a story about Bill

Hook," said McCann. "He was often jokingly referred to as Andy Griffin with

an attitude."

Several people testified to Bill's commitment to his job and how he had

helped them.

The Musical program consisted of music from New Hope, Alleluia, Gospel

String Band, Jordan Miller and Mark Gipson.

The New Hope singers include Tony Uthoff, Tammy Hicks, Bill Davenport

and Jerry Reed. Their songs included "In my robe of white," "What a

morning," "Oh what a savior," "Somebody say amen," "Gonna be a good day,"

"Standing by the river," and "He was four days late."

Alleluia is comprised of Gena Alberta, Carolyn Parrish, Pat DeFries,

Donna Barnes and Judy Perrin. They sang "Let the Lord have his way," "The

victories in the shout," "Send it on down," "Hope for a dying world set

free," "Singing with the saints," and "Lord send your angels."

The Gospel String Band is made up of Rev. Lovell, Ronnie McCord, Kevin

Stewart, Mark Hurst, and Jason Stewart. Their vocal and instrumental music

included "Over in the glory land," "Are you washed in the blood?," "Daddy

sang bass," "Train of life," "I'll fly away," "I saw the light," and

"Beaulah land."

Jordan Miller sang "God bless the USA," and "Where were you?"

Mark Gipson, accompanied by his sister Tina Parrish, sang "God's going

to do the same for you and me."

A special offering was taken for the Sheriff's Memorial Fund to purchase

the fallen officer memorial plaque for hanging at the Lake City courthouse.

Expenses for the project were estimated at $1,015 and the collection

contained $1500.

Monette Assembly of God pastor, Rev. Terry Miller, quoted John 15:13,

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his


Miller closed the program by singing "The anchor holds." reminding

people to pray for the families of the fallen officers and for those still

in service. He was often jokingly referred to as Andy Griffin with an


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