Manila Junior High holds basketball camp

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Manila held a basketball camp for junior high students June 3-7.

Athletes learned basketball skills. The camp was coached by Anthony Brewington, Ron Stratmoen and John Deaton.

Competition was held with individual awards presented on Friday.

Winners in the boys' and girls' divisions were:

Free throw champions - Larry Reed (46) and Rachel Cheadle (34).

2-ball pick-up champion - Larry Reed (59) Whitney Shepard (45).

X-Out Champion - Zach Williams (37), Rachel Cheadle (29)

Hot Shot Champion - Jackey Parker (170), Audrey Booth (108).

Obstacle Course Champion - Jackey Parker (27:84), Whitney Shepard (33:19).

One on One Champion - Jackey Parker, Whitney Shepard.

Hustle Award - Hunter Veach, Audrey Booth.

Ball handling champion - Larry Reed, Rachel Cheadle.

Outstanding Camper - Jackiey Parker, Whitney Shepard.

Three on Three Champion team - Dustin Crawford, Jackey Parker, Brett Hilliard and Blain Brewington.

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