Monette receives new garbage truck

Friday, June 7, 2002

Monette's new garbage truck was on the job earlier this week and could be seen making the rounds throughout the city.

City alderman voted earlier this year to update the way of picking up garbage in the city, buy purchasing a rear loaded truck and providing 90 gallon containers to each household to make pickup easier, more efficient and safer.

The new garbage truck was manufactured by Leach Company, who has had more than 65 years of on-the-street waste handling. Leach is the leading manufacturer of the rear loading refuse collection trucks.

"The city has been delivering the large green garbage containers this week, so that people can get used to using them," Mayor David Fletcher said.

"Each container has a household number on it, so there will be no mixup as to where the containers belong.

"Having the trucks lift and empty the containers will make the process so much safer for our garbage men. Before the men had been stuck by sharp objects, even needles, which was a health hazard. The first containers are supplied. The containers are $65 each for persons wanting more than one. There are penalties for theft or abuse of the containers.

"It will take time to educate the citizens on proper use of their containers, but when they get used to it, they will like it," Fletcher said.

"Not only will the new truck be able to do the job, but it will make pickup more cost efficient," said Charlie Hoepfner. "The containers will reduce incidents of dogs getting into the plastic bags. People will now be able to put their plastic bags of garbage into the container. This process also cuts down on rodents feeding on left out garbage.

"The new truck has an automatic chassis and air conditioning," said Jim Orrick of Scruggs Equipment Co., a leach distributor, from Memphis. "It is efficient in every way and is growing in popularity. The company has a long history in producing a quality product."

"It didn't take Ray (Wycoff) long to master using the new truck," Fletcher said. "It will his work a lot less dangerous."

At one time the men had to lift heavy barrels and dump them in the garbage truck, which made their work very strenuous and had the potential of being hazardous.

New sanitation rates of $7.50 per residence will go into effect on July 1. Rates will increase to $9 January 1, 2003.

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