BIC school board approves transfer policy

Thursday, May 23, 2002

The Buffalo Island Central regularly scheduled board meeting was held at

8 p.m., May 13, in the Superintendent's office, on the Monette campus,

following the annual fish-fry held in the Agri building.

The board voted unanimously to expel an 11th grader for

violation of the schools disciplinary policies.

The board approved the adoption of the Intra-School District Transfer

Policy considered during the April meeting with the following addition:

Students, that are entering BIC Elementary Schools for their initial

enrollment, may apply to attend an elementary school other than in their

place of residence (when extenuating circumstances exist). Forms used for

this application will be available from the elementary principals. All

students approved for transfer will remain assigned to that elementary for

the remainder of their enrollment.

The board voted to change the in-service day scheduled for April 17 back

to February 7, 2002-2003 school calendar, as approved by employee vote.

Resignations of Melinda Smith and Jason Whitaker were accepted by the


Personnel hired for the 2002-2003 school year included: Mark Hurst, Jr.

High Social Studies/Assistant Coach; Shelly Hurst, Jr. High English; Linda

Pendergrass, Special Needs Assistant, on an as needed basis, for West

elementary; Summer School employees Mari Hayden, Summer School Coordinator,

Teri Selby and Faith Rolland teachers, West Elementary Regina Welch and

Karen McClelland; East Migrant Summer School, Janic Ibanez and Debbie King;

West Migrant School, Terri Cobb and Phillis Moxley.

Transfer approval was given to Ramondia, age 15, and Christina, age 12,

Ferrara, to the Riverside School District. The two students have been

attending there.

Teacher Missi Miller has been reassigned from Special-Ed West to first

grade West.

A lengthy discussion was held concerning the prospects for construction

of a gym on the West campus and renovation to arena in the Jr. High building

that are sunken below grade. A decision should be made during the June board

meeting as to whether to pursue a millage increase to fund these projects.

Sup. George Edd Holland was encouraged to continue speaking to other

school superintendents, coaches, and builders, before plans for a proposed

new gymnasium are brought back to the board.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on June 10, beginning

at 7 p.m.

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