Manila choirs score well at state competition

Saturday, April 27, 2002

The Manila Choirs traveled to Conway on April 12-13 to compete in the State Choir Festival held on the campus of UCA. The choir had three groups that had qualified for state competition. Each group performed for a panel of three judges and was critiqued on their accuracy of rhythm, notes, intonation, pronunciation and enunciation, ensemble blend, vocal technique, style and general effect.

The rating for each choir was:

Varsity Choir I II II.

Madrigals I I I.

Girls Chorus I I I.

The Madrigals and Girls Chorus received Division I plaques and the Girls Chorus also received a Division I trophy. The trophy was given because they had received Division I ratings at region, state, and in sight-reading.

After their performances, the choirs enjoyed a time of fellowship. They traveled to Chuck-E-Cheese Friday night, spent the night at the Howard Johnson's in Conway and traveled to McCain Mall on Saturday morning.

"I appreciate the students' dedication, hard work and their well behavior while on the trip," Pam Chipman, M.H.S. Choir Director, said.

The choir will hold their annual spring concert at the Airport Center at 2 p.m. Sunday May 5 and will feature several songs form the choirs performances.

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