Caraway council approves resolutions

Friday, April 19, 2002

The Caraway city council met in regular session on April 11 to pass two

resolutions, open bids for a cemetery caretaker and plan a city-wide

Clean Sweep.

The council passed two resolutions, which included:Resolution 2002-22,

authorizing the Mayor of Caraway to name city streets within the city

limits of Caraway; and Resolution 2002-3 for authorizing and providing

for the incurrance of indebtedness ($300,000) for the purpose of

providing a portion of the cost of acquiring, constructing, enlarging,

improving and/or extending its sewer system facility to serve an area

lawfully within its jurisdiction to serve.

Mayor Danny Dunigan opened sealed bids for cemetery mowing. Bids

included: Leo Stallings, $165, per moving; Homer Kelly, $250; Web

Coggins, $231.50 per week; Dennis Bellers, $275 per mowing; Larry Brown,

$212 per week; Dean Story, $275; Kenneth Maness, $650 per month; and

Kenneth McCann $190 per mowing.

"We have had nothing but compliments on Web's work," said Dunigan. "But we are obligated to take bids whenever there is a request for changes in

the original contract."

The council accepted Leon Stallings' bid. Stallings contract will

remain as long as desired, unless there is a request for an increased

rate, wherein the contracts will be bid again.

May 13-17 was chosen for Caraway Clean Sweep Week. A list of acceptable

items, from Delta Disposal, Inc., include: furniture, mattresses, box

springs, televisions, old clothing/bedding, small appliances without

freon, general household rubbish, boxes, magazines, newspapers, empty

and dried paint cans, empty bottles/jugs. Large and bulky items must be

bagged or bundled in weights of no more than 30 pounds. Piles of rubbish

and trash that have not been bagged or bundled and placed in proper

receptacles or bags will not be cleaned up.

Items that are unacceptable include: Large household appliances, new or

used car parts, large implements, scrap metal in excess of ten pounds,

dead animals of any kind, liquids, chemicals, medical waste, wood,

limbs, trees, brush, leaves, grass, no hazardous materials or any kind,

no construction or remodeling debris, no paint, oil, tire, batteries,

oil filters, or piles of bricks, concrete or lumber.

The city voted to make and estimated $46,000 to $50,000 in street

improvements, on several streets throughout the city. Bids will be taken

on the project.

A drawing for the blue recycling bag coupon winners will be held on

April 24.

The city is still negotiating with Buffalo Island Regional Water

District, concerning proposed water increases from the City of Caraway.

A meeting of all Buffalo Island city representative and BIRWD officials

will be held soon to discuss the correct formula to determine cost

incurred for supplying water.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be on May 9,

beginning at 6 p.m. at city hall.

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