Council discusses police thermal imager

Friday, April 19, 2002

Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill recently returned from training classes in the use of the thermal imager. The thermal imager was provided to city through the National Drug Council and Chief Hill showed it to the city officials at the regular April meeting on Thursday night. Hill explained that the $13,000 equipment and training came at no expense to the city.

"It is amazing," Hill said. "It can be instrumental in search and rescue, it will outline an image through smoke in a house and can be used during a fire," Hill said.

Hill said he can take advance classes in September and be able to teach classes on the thermal imager.

"We were fortunate to get this," Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis said.

Hill said if any of the council members would like a demonstration, he would be glad to show them how the equipment works.

Jim Start, Regional Supervisor for Vector Disease Control, Inc. addressed the council on mosquito control. The company started in 1982 and contracts with municipalities.

He gave an estimated cost of $60,000 a year. He explained that his company comes into the towns, rents buildings, houses trucks in the area, hires employees, assume all of the liability insurance and spray from the ground and air as much as they have to for mosquito control.

Councilman Terry Carr said that he did not see where the city could go with $60,000 at this time.

Councilmen asked Stark to put together different options including aerial spraying for occasions, or possibility two days a week and they would meet with them again.

Sam Swartzlander of Delta Aviation, based at the Manila Airport, addressed the council on the need for an aircraft painting facility at the airport.

Swartzlander explained that there is not one in the area and there is a need.. The existing hangar used by Delta is used for maintenance and does not accommodate painting. A paint facility could be added to the airport by enclosing one of the ag hangars he said.

Following the discussion, council members asked him to get information on the regulations and the cost and let them look at the project.

Following a discussion, council members agreed to advertise for bids for a durable, vinyl roof on city hall. They also agreed to make sure everything was structurally sound and check on other buildings that have had the vinyl roof installed.

On Mayor Melvin Browning's suggestion, council members agreed to have clean-up week every Saturday in May, instead of a week long clean-up date.

City superintendent Henry Ford reminded the council that the transfer station cannot accept tires, batteries, chemical containers, or paint.

Chief Hill asked the Council about the purchase of a new vehicle for the police department.

"If we keep running the car 16 hours a day, we will be back in the same shape we were before." Hill said.

Council Davis said he was concerned that if the county jail comes back with the $35 a day charge for inmates.

Councilman Tony Hawkins said the council members just received the financial reports on Wednesday and he wanted a chance to go over it.

No action was taken.

Councilman Carr expressed his concerns to Mayor Browning about Browning's comments that the Lions' Club had slighted him when he was not notified of the ground breaking for the new restrooms at the city park. Carr assured him that the Lions's Club did not slight him.

"After the meeting Wednesday members of the Lions Club decided to hold the ground breaking ceremony to bring attention to the Friday night fund-raiser. This is something we are doing for the children and you should support it," Carr said.

Browning said he felt like he was not wanted because he had not been notified. He said he did not say he would not support the project, he said he would not sell tickets to the fish fry.

In other business:

*Mayor Browning informed the council that the city had received $1,800 worth of signs for $181.

*The council voted to spend $1,500 for a safety cap around the fencing at the ballpark for the safety of the children. The money will come from the Parks and Recreation account.

*Following an executive session, the council voted for the insurance to become effect for city employees Jerry Bates and Jacky Tunes at the first of the month.

*The Council voted to raise Police Office Jason Mace's salary to $21,500. Mace recently graduated from the police academy.

*Councilwoman Linda Donovan read a proclamation for National Historic Preservation Week May 12-18.

*Mayor Browning read two thank you letters, one from the Jesse Ham family and one from Heritage Bank.

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