Council reviews city hall roofing problems

Friday, April 12, 2002

All Manila Council members were present for a special called meeting on Tuesday, April 2 working through a short agenda including topics involving the city park, street repairs and roofing of the city hall.

Gary Andrew with Delta Commercial Roofing Company addressed the council about roofing for the city hall building. Mayor Melvin Browning explained that there is a problem with leaks in the building saying even after extensive repairs over the last few years, the flat roof is still leaking.

Andrew said after examining the building he had concerns about installing a metal roof. He explained in detail about a thermal plastic roof by Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., that his company had had a lot of success with and is very popular. He said they had installed this over most all types of roofs.

After discussing the guarantee, life expectancy of the material, installation and other facts, council members asked Andrew where this type of roofing had been installed. He gave them several buildings in the Blytheville area.

Councilman Larry Whiz Davis suggested that they contact these people and get their opinion on the roofing.

City Attorney Wayne Wagner suggested that the city make sure the roof is structurally sound before any work is done.

"If it is not and it is covered, you will have even more problems," he said.

Councilman Terry Carr made a motion to get the exact specs on roofing city hall and bid it out. The motion passed unanimously.

Councilman Tony Hawkins said that he had several sealed bids on mowing the inside of the ballpark twice a week using their equipment. He said he explained to those interested that hiring extra help on the mowing was being considered. He said he had not opened the bids and did not know what the cost would be.

Councilman Carr said he had talked to Greg Smith who does the park maintenance and mowing and Henry Ford, water and sewer superintendent.

"Greg said he would mow the inside of the park twice a week if that is what was needed. Henry said if he got behind, he could take care of around the runways at the airport. I want to commend Greg for working with the Youth Association on this," Carr said. "With Greg and Henry working together we may not need the extra mowing. We may get into this and see that we will need the extra help. I suggest we leave it as it is for now," Carr said.

The City Council voted to give $3,500 out of the parks and recreation account to help with the Manila Lions project of building a restroom facility at the park.

"The Lions Club volunteered to help build a nice restroom facility. The Lions Club wants the Council's approval on anything they do at the park. We have 10 tournaments this year and will have a lot of people at the park with only the two bathrooms. The Lions are excited about the project. We have a fundraising fish dinner planned for April 12," Carr said. "We have had volunteers that said they would donate work we hope to have the project completed in May."

On behalf of the Lions Club, Carr thanked the city for their support in the project.

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