Manila's Brewington named 3AAA-South Coach of the Year

Friday, April 5, 2002

Manila's head basketball coach, Anthony Brewington, has been named 3-AAA South Conference Coach of the Year for 2001-2002. Brewington led the 29-10 Lions to the District Championship along with runners-up titles at the Tri County tournament and NEA Tournament.

Coach Brewington graduated from Tyronza High School in 1985. He attended Arkansas State University where he graduated in 1991. Brewington worked as a supervisor at Fruit of the Loom for 16 months before coming to Manila in 1993. He was an assistant to Coach Bob White until 1996 when he took over as the head coach for the junior high boys.

Brewington took over all head coaching duties and athletic director in 2000.

When asked why he chose coaching, he stated that having access to athletics and a gym helped him grow as an individual.

"I had two coaches, Dee Human and Keith Campbell, that did a very good job of keeping not only me, but others interested in the game," Brewington said. "They influenced me the most as a player."

He went on to say coach Bob White has made the biggest impact on him as a coach.

Brewington said the hardest part of coaching was building a "team concept."

"Players, parents, and community tend to only want to look out for themselves," Brewington said.

Seeing a group of kids that believe in themselves enough to be successful as a team is rewarding for Brewington.

"Winning and losing is very important but a coach's impact on kids is more important - it is about the kids not about us (coaches)," Brewington commented.

His advice to new coaches is to be a teacher first - kids need great leadership to be successful.

Brewington had knowledge of the opposing teams. He could be heard telling his team which way to push players from the opposing team, even those on the bench. Brewington is always positive with his players.

Coach Brewington's wife, Monica, coaches their oldest son Blain's fifth grade team. The Brewington's youngest son, Clark, helps Monica out with the coaching duties.

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