Melvin Browning seek re-election

Friday, March 22, 2002

"After receiving much encouragement to seek another term as Mayor of Manila, I have reconsidered and at this time, announce my intentions to run for that office," Mayor Melvin Browning said.

"I run, not to better myself, but, for the betterment of Manila and the citizens of Manila. I could enjoy my retirement from the Postal service, visit with my children and grandchildren on a regular basis and do just for "me," but I would not be considering the citizens of Manila and would do you an injustice. I cannot let my town down."

Browning said the election will e win/win situation for him.

"In winning, we all win, in losing, I still win and have given the citizens of Manila a choice...made by them.

"I commit to work for Manila the same as I have this term as Mayor. I will continue to give you a full time Mayor in a part time position. I will continue to work closely with Craighead and Mississippi County to help unite us for the betterment of job/economic opportunities and a better town to live and rear a family.

"Thank you, the citizens of Manila, for you past support and for your input on matters pertaining to you and the city. If it is your desire, I look forward to serving you in the next four years as your mayor.

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