Ray Kidd announces candidacy

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Ray Kidd of Jonesboro announced his candidacy for the Arkansas House of Representatives, District 76. He is running on the Democratic ticket.

Kidd, 58, has lived in Jonesboro for the past 21 years, formerly of Memphis.

District 76 includes Eastern Jonesboro from Stadium East, Brookland, Bay, Lake City, Monette, Black Oak and Caraway, all the way to the Mississippi County line.

Kidd is married to Edyrs Janane Crossno Kidd and they have two sons, Roger and Mark, and two grandchildren.

He has 18 years administrative and management experience with Walgreen Drug chain. He has been self-employed for the past 21 years. He attends church at the First United Methodist Church of Bay, is a member of the Democratic Party of Craighead County, a Boy Scout supporter, Disabled Veterans donor, Easter Seals contributor, member of the N.R.A. and N.W.T.F., and the Arkansas Sheriff's Association.

He said top priorities include drug awareness and prevention, building more and better roads and highways, education, preserving the family farm, lowering the cost of medicine and quality nursing home care.

Arkansas farmers are getting squeezed from both ends," Kidd said. "Their cost of production is going up -- fuel costs to run their trucks and tractors as well as the cost of fertilizer -- and at the same time the price they receive for their crops, whether it be rice, cotton or beans, is going down. In fact at today's market prices they can't even break even. What is the solution? Arkansas farmers have to develop markets out of this country to increase the demand, and at the same time they have to cut back on the acres planted which will cut the supply and raise the market price. But what is needed to encourage them to plant less? Some kind of program that will pay them for not planting some of their fields."

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