Lesia Couch announces

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Lesia Couch of Caraway announced Friday that she will seek a second term as Craighead County Eastern District Deputy Clerk.

Couch, 41, will be a candidate in the May Democratic primary election. She became Deputy Clerk in January 2000.

During her first term, she automated the jury selection system for the Eastern District and the Delinquent Real Estate and Personal Taxes. Another change is the addition of a Child Support System which was implemented in December. After the Child Support Clearing House began processing the wage assignments, there was a need to get the remaining payments organized, she said.

"Also, we are in the process of having access of looking up records in the Western District," Couch said.

She is married to Fred Couch and have three sons, Wayne, Matt and Josh. She is a member of New Hope Baptist Church.

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