Monette City Council hires new police officer

Friday, March 8, 2002

The Monette City Council met in regular session on Monday evening, February 25 and hired a new policeman, added a new member to the City Cemetery Board, and discussed sanitation increases.

The council voted to hire Chris Walker, from Bay, as a new police officer. Walker serve as a reserve police officer at Jonesboro, but has not received his police certification training as yet.

"We are glad to get Chris, even though he is not certified," Alderman Shirley Bronaugh said. "We can work on that part."

Monette Mayor David Fletcher acknowledged the ACE certification received by Leadership Buffalo Island, which is made up of five

cities, Monette, Black oak, Caraway, Manila and Leachville.

"This is an ongoing effort and we can't stop now," said Byron Sparkman, former LBI President. "The effort of these towns says a lot about the cooperation of the Buffalo Island community. Hopefully we will be able to appoint a coordinator for ACE program efforts."

Shirley Bronaugh, chairman of the Monette Cemetery board of directors

recommended Janet Rolland be appointed to the board to replace Jimmy Blankenship, who is deceased. The board unanimously approved Rolland. Marsha Chambers also serves on the cemetery board.

The council approved Ordinance 2002-2 to increase residential sanitation fees by $1.50 beginning with the June bill, and wait another year before setting date for other increases to come into effect. The increase is estimated to secure a $2,100 excess for reserve.

"The eight dollar fee will be initially for a year," said Mayor Fletcher. "The tipping fee is five dollars. Adding the two dollar fee, later, will not be a major increase, when it includes a cart.

"Ray can show the people what it cost us at the scales," Alderman Read said.

"We have to get at least e tipping fee paid for," Mayor Fletcher said.

"Let's leave the commercial sanitation cost as it is," said Alderman Tom Carroll. "Let's raise the residential by $1.50 effective by July

1 and the next $1.50 raise effective January 2004."

"You have to remember that we are giving them a cart," said Mayor Fletcher.

"We don't want to raise it any more than we have to," said Alderman Martha Jane Hout.

"Let's revise the ordinance to read $7.50 and leave the commercial as is," said Mayor Fletcher. "Then January 1, 2004 raise it to $9.00. We can bring the ordinance back next month, if you like."

The council voted to revise the budget, as suggested by alderman Carroll. Ordinance 2002-1, amending the original Water and Sewer budget, was set aside.

"I am still talking with Barbara Suber (Monette Housing Authority Director) about lines at the housing," said Alderman Carroll. "I can't find all the water lines. We replaced the master meter at the older housing. We have one meter on 10 units and are waiting to find the lines and put in the next meter."

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be on March 25, beginning at 7 p.m.

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