Emison announces for Craighead County judge

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Former Craighead County Sheriff Larry Emison announced his candidacy for Craighead County Judge in the May 21st election. Emison is running as a Democrat.

"Being a lifetime resident of Craighead County, I have become increasingly concerned about the inappropriate choices being made by the County Judge regarding the spending of taxpayers' money. After traveling across Craighead County roads, it is very apparent that our roads are not being maintained as they should be and more paving is needed. The county manufactures its own concrete bridges for our county roads. Why would we sell bridges to another county and not replace the Craighead County bridges that are in poor condition? This is not good management.

"Having served Craighead County as Sheriff for eight years and as a Deputy Sheriff for 16 years, my experience in county government has provided me great insight to meet the various needs of the citizens of the county. As Sheriff, I implemented the D.A.R.E. program in all of the county schools and, also, founded the Craighead County Mounted Patrol. I support education for our youth and I will work closely with the Quorum Court and all elected county officials for the betterment of Craighead County.

"My wife and I look forward to talking with and listening to all the citizens of Craighead County and not just to certain special interest groups. It is time to return county government to the people," Emison said.

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