Clifford Veach announces candidacy for mayor

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Former Manila Mayor Clifford Veach announced that he will be a candidate for Mayor this November. In reference to his campaign, Veach said, "If elected, I'll work for good budget development and management. I believe I have the ability and experience necessary to deal with Manila's financial situation."

When asked about his feelings toward the city's current state, Veach said, "I think that Mayor Browning has done a lot of good things for Manila. I have expressed my desire to Mayor Browning that he should remain active for the city of Manila. If I am elected Mayor, I will ask him to work with me in my administration on several projects."

When asked about his goals if elected Mayor, Veach said, "As I have done before, I want to pursue the many federal and state grants that are available. My approach to grants is that some cities are going to get them, why not Manila? Community grants are a good way of bringing some of the tax dollars back to the city of Manila. This would make it possible to construct the swimming pool for Manila much quicker. Economic development is another factor facing Manila at this time. We have empty buildings that should be filled with jobs, which would make Manila a better place for our people to live. Not only would this cause our community to continue to grow and prosper, but the additional tax dollars from economic development would continue to help our school."

On a more personal note, Veach said, "Hindsight is 20/20. I have to live with the mistakes I made in the past. I believe that I have learned from my mistakes and because of them, will do a better job for the people of Manila."

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