Rivercrest rolls over BIC

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Buffalo Island Central held their senior night Friday night hosting the Rivercrest Colts. The five seniors Blake Hawkins, Justin Hawkins, Erick Lyerly, Ryan Wallace, and Zach Whited started the action against the Colts. The senior cheerleader Melanie Rose and the Lady Mustangs Morgan Milligan, Rachael Taylor and Emily Sparkman were also recognized.

As the game got underway, both teams were having difficulty running their plays effectively and the only scoring action either team saw was from the free-throw line. However, BIC's Mark Hawkins changed all that for the Mustangs catching a perfect pass from Cal Rose and putting it up for an easy lay-up. With 2:40 left in the first quarter, BIC's Ryan Wallace threw a bullet to Hawkins to tie the score at five. With just over 2:00 remaining in the first, BIC's Rose attempted to continue the Mustangs scoring drive only to be swatted down by Devin Barnes. He had his revenge as he interrupted a Rivercrest pass attempt that led to a Ryan Wallace jump shot putting his team up 10-7.

Rivercrest continued to pursue the Mustangs as Brandon Love grabbed the offensive rebound and fought his way to the basket to bring the Colts within one. As the buzzer went off at the end of the first, the Mustangs held on to a 11-9 lead but Rivercrest wasn't going to hand them the victory.

The Colts made free throw after free throw to stay in the game and midway into the second quarter they came alive. Love found a hole and hustled to drive to the basket cutting BIC's lead 18-13. Then Rivercrest's Quincy Williams hit a deep three and with 4:39 left in the half it was a two-point game.

Noticing that his team's lead was diminishing quickly, BIC s Hawkins shot a three of his own. Rose then made another amazing assist to BIC's Erick Lyerly to give the Mustangs a 23-17 lead. The Mustangs continued to turn on the heat thanks to shots from Wallace and Lyerly. The half ended with BIC lead by 10, 29-29.

Realizing that if they were going to win they were going to have to find a way to penetrate BIC's defense, Rivercrest did just that. The third quarter belonged to Kevin Barnes and Quincy Williams as they made a combined 12 points. Not only was the Mustang's defense falling apart but their scoring had come to a halt. With 1:34 left in the third quarter, Rivercrest's Earnast Lark stepped back to hit the three-pointer and tie the game at 41. With four seconds left on the clock Rivercrest's Stanley Smith pulled up to hit the last shot of the quarter giving his team the 45-42 lead.

Both teams pulled together and regrouped to make the fourth quarter outstanding. BIC's Mark Hawkins hit a wide open three-pointer to tie the score at 51. However, on BIC's next two possessions Kevin Barnes stole the ball and scored as the Mustangs were desperately trying to pass the ball in-bounds. From that point on the Mustangs played catch-up trying to get back in the game. With 42 seconds left in the game Lyerly powered his way to the basket to cut Rivercrest's lead 66-64. On BIC's next possession Barnes once again picked off the Mustangs as they tried to pass the ball inbounds totally ending any chance of a last second comeback.

Rivercrest went on to win by a score of 70-65.

Scoring for BIC were Mark Hawkins with 21, Erick Lyerly 19, Ryan Wallace 14, Billy Meeks six, Cal Rose four, and Zach Whited one.

Socring for Rivercrest were Kevin Barnes 12, Brandon Love 10, Quincy Williams eight, Earnast Lark five, D.L. Riley two, Stanley Smith two and Aaron Smith one.

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