April Bressler recovering from auto accident

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

April Bressler, 14, of Manila is recovering from an automobile accident that occurred December 1. April was in the intensive care unit of the Med in Memphis where she underwent several surgeries. She sustained head trauma and severe burns on her leg.

April was moved to the Children's Hospital in Little Rock last week and she is undergoing treatment there. It is estimated that she will be there for at least six weeks. April's recovery will be a slow process and she is facing a long time of rehabilitation according to her mother Tina Wells.

April's uncle, Tim Tuberville of Cooter, Mo., said the family appreciates everything that has been done for April.

"All of the prayers, the visits, and the gifts that have been given have helped April and Tina through a difficult time. The difficulties for them are far from being over," he said.

Tuberville decided that he wanted to get April's room ready so when she comes home from the hospital. An addition had been started on their house that was still under construction. While he was working on the room last Saturday, two other men came to help. Before he left, a member of Westside Baptist Church called and when they found out what he was doing, they volunteered to have a work day Saturday to help.

"It touched my heart that they wanted to help," Tuberville said. "April and Tina have so many needs right now. Their only car was totaled in the accident so they do not have a vehicle. They are looking at more weeks in the hospital and a long recovery. The addition to their small house was not completed. Through it all, Tina has managed to keep a bright outlook for April's recovery and their future. Tina said she already had had the best Christmas present anyone could have when April opened her eyes for the first time after the accident.

"There was a letter that was sent to April's fellow students by the Manila Junior High Counselor updating everyone on April's condition. She told them that the letters and cards were all read to April by her mother. She encouraged everyone to send a gift along with a card, such as books, magazines, pocket change, snacks or phone cards She gave them the address and telephone number. That letter also touched me. I know April has a lot of good friends," he said.

If anyone would like to send a card her address is April Bressler, Children's Hospital 800 Marshall Street, Little Rock, AR 72202-3591. The hospital waiting room number is 1-800-280-1230.

Tuberville said they are planning to build a wheel chair ramp for April along with the other construction.

Tuberville said if anyone would like to help with the construction or any of the needs they can call him at (573) 695-4017 or his wife, Sherry, at 1-800-638-9971.

An account has been set up at First National Bank in April Bressler Donation Account. Deposits can be made at the Manila, Blytheville or Gosnell sites.

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