BIC falls to Marmaduke

Friday, January 25, 2002

Buffalo Island Central hosted the Marmaduke Greyhounds in a game that won't soon be forgotten last Friday night. BIC, who needed to win this important conference game, came out strong with Erick Lyerly grabbing the tip and later scoring after snatching up the offensive rebound. However, Marmaduke made it clear early that they were there to play scoring on their first possession and tying the score at two apiece. With 5:55 left in the first Lyerly scored off another offensive rebound increasing his teams lead 4-2. After being fouled, Marmaduke headed to the line making one free-throw, missing the next, but regaining possession to shoot the three-point shot and giving the Greyhounds a 6-4 lead. The greyhounds then pressured BIC into making a bad pass allowing a steal and increasing their lead to 8-4. Trying to revive his team, Mark Hawkins stepped behind the line to make a long three, cutting Marmaduke's lead to one. With 3:25 left in the first Ryan Wallace took his turn behind the three-point line to give his team the lead once again.

BIC's defense was totally dominating the first quarter allowing their offense to make some key shots. Cal Rose kept the ball rolling for BIC, finding Hawkins who hit another three and gave the Mustangs a 13-8 lead. Marmaduke's game was falling apart early and another three by BIC's Wallace didn't help their situation. BIC's Billy Meeks hit a jumper in the closing seconds of the first quarter and gave his team a tremendous 20-10 lead. As the second quarter bean, BIC fell into a scoring drought. It seemed as if Marmaduke had finally found a way to slow them down. Hawkins finally ended the 4:00 drought and hit a long jumper to keep a 22-14 lead. With 3:14 left in the half Meeks came up with a big steal that led to a Hawkins three. Hawkins struck again on BIC's next possession hitting another three-pointer and giving the Mustangs a 28-16 lead. With just over a minute left in the half, Marmaduke caught their opponents sleeping and hit a three-pointer of their own. As the half went into the final second Marmaduke made a trip to the line and made two free-throws cutting BIC's lead to 30-24.

As the third quarter commenced, Marmaduke looked like another team. They showed no mercy on both ends of the court. In just three minutes the Greyhounds tied the game 36-36; BIC's offense was at a total standstill. Trying to get something started for his team, Lyerly penetrated the inside regaining the lead. Still in the zone, Marmaduke charged down the court, pulled up to shoot the three and got fouled in the process. After making three free-throws, Marmaduke got a taste of the lead pulling ahead 39-38. With 3:40 left in the third, Lyerly was making it known that he could not be guarded putting up another short jumper and stealing the lead back once again. Scoring was back and forth for the rest of the third and when the buzzer went off the game was tied at 43.

As the fourth quarter began, the tension between both teams was felt throughout the gym. BIC['s Lyerly was intent on making sure that the Mustangs finished on top, taking the ball once again and forcing the Greyhounds to foul him. Knowing that a new strategy was needed if they were to win, Marmaduke passed the ball constantly throwing the Mustangs off balance. This technique seemed to be working until Hawkins read a pass perfectly, stole it, and hit another three-pointer giving BIC a 47-46 lead.

Understanding that victory was in reach, Lyerly was storming the inside lane forcing Marmaduke to foul him. Down by two, Marmaduke grabbed an offensive rebound and shot a three-pointer of their own and once again regained a one-point lead. With 1:56 left in the game, the score was tied at 54. Hawkins, who had had a brilliant game, hit another three-pointer and gave the Mustangs a 57-54 lead.

BIC got the ball back and used smart ball movement to burn time off the clock. The events that took place in the next 29 seconds left many speechless and wondering what happened.

With 29 seconds left in the game, Marmaduke called a timeout to try and devise a plan to overcome their 59-56 deficit. Once out of the huddle, the Greyhounds drove the ball down the land and cut BIC's lead to one with 21 seconds left. The greyhounds then fouled BIC's Wallace immediately. With four seconds left on the clock, Marmaduke grabbed the defensive rebound, charged down court and caught the foul.

If both free-throws were made, Marmaduke was going home with the win. The Mustangs watched as the first free throw found its mark and tied the game 59-59. The second free-throw; however, bounded off the rim and with four seconds on the clock found its way into the hands of a Marmaduke Greyhound who shot a fade away jumper to win the game 61-59. Staring in disbelief, the Mustangs congratulated their opponents and went into the locker room knowing that they gave their all and played a remarkable game.

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