Water tank inspection reviewed

Friday, January 18, 2002

The Leachville City Council met twice last week to complete their full agenda for January.

The regularly scheduled meeting was held on January 7.

Orion T. Osborne, of Phoenix Tank Services, addressed the council in December concerning water tank inspection and evaluation, a maintenance contract and placement of relay towers on the top.

Osborne answered question from the council, which included space needed at base, emptying of water from tank, and maintenance.

"Each customer placing an antenna on the tank needs 400 square feet (20x20 foot) of space to set their equipment boxes," Osborne said. "We have looked at your tank and think this would be no problem. If necessary we could go under tank.

"Usually customers wouldn't be without water but less than a day, or at the maximum of 1 1/2 days," Osborne said. "This would be best to do in the winter months, when water usage is lowest."

"We had the tank redone in 1997, so it should be in pretty good shape," said alderman Bill Hetler.

The council agreed to table their decision and bring it back to the table later.

City Cemetery concerns were addressed by Bill Hetler, Jr.

"People are in the graveyard all the time," Hetler said. "Can you gate it and lock it up?"

The council related that gateing had been tried before and had not worked effectively.

Patrolmen will be asked to patrol the cemetery area more often and keep a watch on it.

Sewer problems on East 7th St. were addressed due to system overflow during recent rainstorms.

"It has been so bad that I can't even use my showers after I come home from work," said Charles Lambert. "This is not a new problem, as it has been going on for 15 years. It is time something was done about it. One of my neighbors even had to have sewage pumped out of her house."

Marilyn Looney asked the city to consider naming the fire station in

Memory of Leonis Blackwell, former fire chief.

"We have had so many dedicated firemen working down there, that it is often hard to single one out ," Mayor Ralph Wells said. "We need to talk with Jesse Johnson about this and see what he has to say. "

"We might consider putting up plaques, to honor our many outstanding firemen," Alderman David McCoy said.

"Every fireman is important to the city, but Leonis did a wonderful job, for a long time, to make sure our city was protected."

The council approved the Leachville Housing Authority's 2002 board of directors, which included: Gregg Smith, Chairman, Wilburn Lovelady, Vice Chairman, Robert Pierce, Wayne Taylor and C.B. Mathis.

The city received notice that Arlee Home Furnishings would be closing their doors in 60 days.

The five towns that make up Buffalo Island have received notice that they have been certified as an ACE Community.

"A formal certification program will take place at the Melody theater, with Governor Mike Huckabee making the presentation," Mayor Wells said.

"Huckabee will set the date and it will be announced later."

Mayor Wells has been notified that a Codification of Ordinances, by subject, in now availiable. The ordinances will be placed in a binder, to make accessibility easier. The cost is $1,600 to have it done, in 8 binders.

No decision was made on the ordinance books.

The council authorized Mayor Wells to send the letter that he had drafted, to Bill Gipson, notifying the Buffalo Island Regional Water Association of an $1.50 increase effective February 1, 2002.

A proposal to raise water and sewer rates for the next two years was presented, along with a request for residential and commercial rates to be the same. A proposal was also recommended to raise meter deposits to $75, from $50.

The council approved raising meter deposits, but tabled other increases until the February meeting.

Drew Luttrell proposed that the city consider doing a review the responsibilities for the developing of a subdivision as and the responsibility of the owner's part. He suggested that the council think about regulations for developers.

Alderman Monte Grimes asked Drew to get the council a copy of proposed guidelines and bring them to the council for review. Drew agreed to do so.

"We need to get our computers prepared for the national Expidata System, due for implementation in 2003," Alderman Jr. Robinson said. "We need to let the man come and present the computer software to our clerk and police departments. We have to be ready to go on line when we are required to."

The council voted to let Robinson to get prices on a new computer and software for the Police Department, and report back.

Marilyn Looney announced the commercial and residential Christmas Lighting winners. Residential winners included: Mr. & Mrs. Jackie Hawkins, first place; Mr. & Mrs. Chad Scott, second; and Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Carmichael, third. Commercial winners are: J. R.'s Hair Shack, first place; Candies Beauty Shop, second; and Ladd's Auto Parts. third place. The selection committee consist of Chairman Moba Lee Miller, Looney, Carolyn Oliver, and Paul Wildy.

A special called council meeting was held on January 11, beginning at 6 p.m., to discuss policeman matters.

Police Commissioner J.R. Robinson recommend the hiring of Mike Medford, ad L-2 policeman position to replace Mitchell Lassiter, who recently resigned. After a brief discussion the council approve Medford and voted

to hire him for the vacant position. Medford is certified with over 30

years experience in the field of law enforcement. He will be on a 90 day

probation program.

The next council meeting will be on February 4, beginning at 7 p.m.

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