Manila council reinstates privilege license fees

Friday, January 18, 2002

Members of the Manila City Council read a proposed ordinance reinstating a privilege license fee for businesses and contractors doing business in the city. Council agreed to make the license renewable Jan. 1 of each year and set the fees at no less than $20 and not more than $100. The council discussed starting the fees at $20. If the fee is raised in the future it can be done without passing a new ordinance.

"It will help regulate who does business in town. For instance, if our local companies have to have a privilege license than anyone coming from out of town will have to come to city hall and get a privilege license," Carr said. "Most towns do have privilege license fees."

City Attorney Wayne Wagner said he had checked in the surrounding towns and Monette and Leachville both have privilege license requirements.

Following the discussion, the council agreed that family yard sales would not come under the requirements for a license.

The council instructed Attorney Wagner to prepare the ordinance with the changes and they would act on it at the next meeting.

David Woodring of Utility Services had inspected the old water tank and reported the findings to the city officials.

Manila's water tank is scheduled to be worked on and will be down for approximately two months. Henry Ford, Manila water superintendent informed council members at a previous meeting that he wanted to have the old water tank inspected to see if it was possible to use it to have back up fire protection while the big tank was down.

"The water tank was build in 1936 and was designed very well. The risers are good and I think it can be sterilized and used in case of emergency fire protection while the large tank is down for repairs. It could leak but if it does not leak bad, I would suggest leave it alone for the time being. Sterilize the inside. It is structurally sound," Woodring said.

He suggested in the future that the city look at matching funds to restore the tank. He also informed the council that his company does offer cellular services on towers.

"We cannot guarantee you someone will want your tank for cellular systems. We will open it up and market it but there are no guarantees. Our company offers 70/30, the city gets 70 percent and we get 30 percent of collections from cellular systems. We install cellular company's equipment. The city is not out any money," he said.

He said his company would be bidding project to repair the big tank. He said he did repairs on the big tank two years ago. He suggested that the city consider going into a maintenance contract once the new tank project is completed. He explained that maintenance is important and with the contract the tanks are checked and repaired at least once a year with major maintenance work done every 10 years.

All appointments stayed the same with Brenda Watson, court clerk, Marvin Childers, city judge, Jackie Hill, chief of police, Don Nunnally, fire chief; Henry Ford, water and sewer superintendent; Susie Parker, city treasurer.

City Council committee appointments also remained the same. Serving on the parks and recreation Committee are Tony Hawkins; Linda Donovan and Terry Carr; community center committee: Donovan, Dean Cherry and Davis; fire department committee: Carr, Hawkins and Cherry; water-sewer sanitation: Carr, Gaylon Gammill and Cherry; police committee: Hawkins, Carr and Gammill; Main street volunteers: Donovan, Davis and Cherry; airport committee: Davis, Gammill and Donovan; streets committee: Cherry, Davis and Hawkins; planning development committee: Gammill, Donovan, Davis; Manila Industries: Gammill Carr and Hawkins.

In other business:

*The council passed Ordinance 227 increasing the rates on water provided to Buffalo Island Regional Rural Water. Manila has been providing Buffalo Island Water since 1992 at a cost of $1 per 1,000 gallons. The ordinance increased the rates to $1.50 per 1,000 gallons, effective Feb. 1.

*The council discussed re-districting the voting wards making each ward more equal in population. The council decided to invite Wayne Lewis, election commissioner, to attend the next meeting. City officials agreed they want to know exactly how the wards are divided and the population in each.

*Ford presented an estimate of $150,000 from Oates Construction Co. on moving the transfer station to a new site near the city wastewater treatment plant. He also presented an estimate of $9,400 from Bill Yarbro for repairing the walls at the present site.

*Mayor Browning said that the garbage truck will not run if there is snow or ice.

"It is too dangerous. If we do experience bad weather, the crew will delay starting or early or pick up the next day," he said.

*Browning said that the city had problems with people removing and driving through the barriers that marked recent street work. He said if anyone is caught removing or destroying the barriers they will ticketed.

*Councilman Davis said that he wanted to say that he was proud of our school and the boys basketball team for winning runner-up in the NEA Tournament.

"They represented our city well," Davis said.

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