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Thursday, Mar. 30, 2017

Dad, can we buy it back?

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 9:01 AM

Genesis Chapter 1-3; Hebrews 1:1-3

In the beginning man had fellowship with God in the garden. Through the sly temptation of Satan, Adam and Eve fell from the perfect state of fellowship, and God would have to reconcile man back.

Jesus Christ came and became that perfect sacrifice to bring man and God back together.

Here is a story that show what Jesus did for us.

There was a little boy who, with the help of his father, built a kite. When it was finished, they looked at their creation and were very happy with the kite. They decided to drive to the park and try it out.

Holding tightly to the string, the boy proudly watched his creation bobbing up and down in the sky. Suddenly a violent gust of wind surrounded him and tore the string from his little hands. His father rushed to help, but it was too late. The kite had already drifted out of sight. The boy and his father turned sadly and went home.

Several months later, the boy was walking home through his little town. In one of the little shops there in the display window, he was shocked to see his very own kite for sale. He rushed in and asked the shop owner about the kite. Indeed it had been found and refurbished, and he could buy it for a certain price.

The little boy rushed home to tell his father about the find and ask if they could possibly afford to buy the kite. They returned together to the shop and purchased their very own creation.

This is what Christ did for His creation by his death on Calvary. He redeemed His very own creation from the hand of the enemy.

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