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Making resolutions

Posted Monday, December 31, 2012, at 2:53 PM

You are reading this article near the beginning of the New Year. The year of 2012 has seemed to go by so quickly. The year of 2013 looms now before us. What will it bring to our experience? Some of us will come to the end of our lives. Young folks are looking eagerly to this year and many more to come. I could wish that all of us will live the year out and have a lot of happiness, health, and success. But whatever the year brings work to make it a good year.

It is at this time of year we make resolutions. I used to think that this was a foolish effort. It is if all we do is resolve but do nothing to make the resolution amount to anything. I do think it is good to make resolutions any time of the year. The bible says about making a vow. "It is better not to vow than to vow and not fulfill that vow."

It seems to me that some of the warning is included in our making a resolution. I think it is good to write down our resolutions. Then from time to time you can look that paper up and see how you have made it according to your resolutions. When we see ourselves not living up to them, we can get back on the wagon and try some more. If they were important at the beginning of the year they are still so on June 22.

There are not many resolutions mentioned in the bible. One thing that strikes my mind is the account of I Samuel 26. The anointed man named David had a right good spirit about his position in life. Saul the first king of Israel turned out to be a poor choice of being the king. Right off he left the sensible spirit he had and quickly violated the office the Lord gave him. Right off the Lord had Samuel to anoint the young son of Jesse to be the second king. That young man was David the shepherd boy and musician. David made a resolution before the Lord about the evil king he one day would replace.

If you are a bible student, I imagine you are now familiar with how the Lord let David grow up and was most useful in the reign of King Saul. Even in his youth David made a good resolution. If he was to be the next king he wanted the position in an honorable way. He would not usurp the throne by evil deceit. We know how Saul at first was a friend to David. David was his soothing musician and later a high ranking leader in his domain. He began to see his kingdom slipping away from him and he became a mortal enemy of younger David and began trying to find a way to take the life of younger David.

I Samuel 26 tells the account of when Saul was seeking to kill David that David had the upper hand and could have killed Saul and end his threat once and for all. David was aware of Saul's intentions and sought to go to where he was and try to make peace. His bodyguard named Abishi went and caught him in his sleep. Abashi begged David to let him kill Saul. Quickly David called a halt to his intention and stated his earlier resolution. "And David said unto Abishi, destroy him not: for who can stretch his hand against the Lord's anointed, and be guiltless? David said furthermore, as the Lord liveth, the Lord shall smite him; or his day come to die, or he shall descend into battle, and perish. The Lord forbid that I should stretch forth my hand against the Lord's anointed: but I pray thee, take thou now the spear that is now at his bolster, and the cruise of water, and let us go." His resolve was that he would not kill Saul. The lord would do that in his own time. I think that was a worth resolution and the young David kept that promise he made to himself. His resolution was, I will leave some things to God. We need to make such a resolution to the Lord.

I can think of some resolutions to make. What about a resolution that one would be less critical and more understanding to our fellow man? What about being more prompt of doing things we should do on time and not let things pile upon us and never get many of them done? What about thinking less of myself and more about the needs of others? What about making five conscious efforts to add some friends to my list? We can all want to "add to" our relations like more, some, and less to speak of good or bad things we do all the time. We need to stop doing and say "no more" to some things we already are doing.

Just remember anything we should resolve about at New Years day is important all year long. Could we try to be able to say next January 1, I truly was a better person than in years before?

Happy New Year and a good year to come to you and your family.

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