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Tourism treasurers
Posted Tuesday, April 22, at 2:39 PM
Throughout my time as Governor, we have seen many twists and turns in the national economy that have made their impact known in Arkansas. Throughout both the tumultuous and brighter times, I've been extremely pleased by the accomplishments of the Arkansas tourism industry. Its members have worked hard to promote Arkansas's unfailing hospitality and the many wonders our State has to offer...

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Rewarding educational excellence
Posted Wednesday, April 16, at 2:19 PM

As part of our ongoing quest to improve educational outcomes, the State of Arkansas now provides financial awards to public schools for academic achievement, academic growth and high graduation rates. This motivational approach is called the Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program. ...

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Arkansas Grown program
Posted Tuesday, April 1, at 10:32 AM

Over the years, consumers have become increasingly health-conscious, as well as environmentally aware of farming practices. One of the results of this has been a monumental rise in demand for locally grown foods. In Arkansas alone, the number of farmers markets has nearly tripled in just the past decade...

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The private option passes
Posted Tuesday, March 11, at 3:15 PM

This week, after much debate and national attention, the General Assembly reauthorized funding for the Arkansas Private Option. I have now signed the bill into law, meaning that more than 100,000 Arkansans will keep their health insurance through at least June of 2015. Tens of thousands more will become eligible and insured, and hundreds of millions of federal dollars will continue flowing into Arkansas to the benefit of our State's economy...

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Farm families perservering
Posted Tuesday, February 11, at 4:30 PM

LITTLE ROCK -- Farming is a tough business, and it's one on which our very quality of life depends. Here in Arkansas, that's especially true, as agriculture is our largest industry, employing more than a quarter of a million people, and accounting for approximately one of every six jobs in our state...

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Proposed budget includes additional funding for prison beds
Posted Wednesday, February 5, at 4:21 PM

This week, I spoke at a meeting of Arkansas sheriffs. I speak annually to these dedicated law-enforcement leaders, who are charged with protecting our counties and citizens, including the most remote and rural parts of our State. Some of these sheriffs are distressed as they see their county jails at or near capacity because of a recent influx of state inmates. ...

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Still time for flu protection
Posted Tuesday, January 28, at 1:24 PM

Although temperatures have swung wildly this January, one thing has remained consistent in Arkansas: the lingering flu season. While we always emphasize the importance of vaccinating children and the elderly, this year, an unusually high number of young and middle-aged adults are falling ill...

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Budget decisions ahead
Posted Tuesday, January 21, at 11:55 AM

The members of the Arkansas General Assembly return to the Capitol in February for the 2014 Fiscal Session. This will be the third such session since voters changed the Arkansas Constitution in the 2008 election. Only budget bills are considered when the Legislature convenes, making it a quicker and less expensive undertaking than the regular sessions that occur in odd-numbered years...

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More improvement needed
Posted Tuesday, January 14, at 12:48 PM

For years now, our state's leaders in multiple fields of expertise have called for more Arkansans to earn college degrees. In 2011, I urged our State to meet a tangible goal: to double the number of Arkansans graduating with a four-year degree. We have made progress, but we need to accelerate that progress to ensure that more Arkansans can take advantages of opportunities before them...

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A new election year
Posted Tuesday, January 7, at 3:27 PM

The beginning of 2014 marks the start of another election year, although modern election cycles seem to run beyond any 12-month calendar. This also begins my last year in political office, a career that started with the 1982 election when I ran unopposed for the State Senate. Much has changed in Arkansas politics in the 32 years since then, but two realities remain true: we still need good people to stand for office and serve, and Arkansas campaigning remains a directly personal effort...

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Progress in fighting hunger
Posted Monday, December 30, at 2:34 PM

One of the pleasures of the holiday season comes from the joy we witness on the faces of children. However, we are also reminded of the children throughout Arkansas and America who do not lead happy, healthy lives. More than 24 percent of children in this state are uncertain whether they will have enough to eat on a regular basis. But our work never stops to improve the health of Arkansas's children, and we end 2013 with positive news about our efforts...

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Saluting the service of the Arkansas National Guard
Posted Monday, December 23, at 1:50 PM

Ten years ago, during my first year as Attorney General, I spent a fall morning at the Port of Little Rock. There I watched as members of the Arkansas Army National Guard's 39th Infantry Brigade loaded up gear for their first deployment to Iraq. Speaking with them, it was obvious that some were anxious, others eager, and most were unsure of what exactly to expect. ...

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A stronger health care infrastructure
Posted Tuesday, December 17, at 4:23 PM

Over the years, investments in the infrastructure of Arkansas's health-care system have improved its quality and extended its reach. This past week alone, I participated in celebrations for three new projects that will give Arkansans easier access to better care. At a time when more of our people are getting health insurance, it's exciting to see the advancements that Arkansas is making to provide health care that is accessible and affordable...

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Arkansas experiences winter weather
Posted Tuesday, December 10, at 5:15 PM

Once again, we are seeing the wild weather swings in Arkansas that often mark the late weeks of fall. With our State getting its first full taste of winter this week, I want to recap how inclement conditions are handled in state government. We always strive for a careful balance between preserving the services your tax dollars pay for while also protecting the safety and well-being of our state employees...

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A web site offers information to industries
Posted Wednesday, December 4, at 4:44 PM

Arkansas must use every available tool at our disposal to highlight our state's economic advantages in a competitive global marketplace. Companies looking to call Arkansas home need and want easy access to the information that can immediately place us in contention for potential projects. By identifying the right sites, we demonstrate to major employers that Arkansas can handle large industrial development rapidly...

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The spirit of Thanksgiving
Posted Tuesday, November 26, at 1:31 PM

November is a month particularly focused on gratitude. Whether giving thanks for our families, friends, veterans or God's providence, we reflect on the people and gifts that enrich our lives. This November has revealed some especially poignant reminders of the achievements and sacrifices of our fellow Arkansans and other Americans...

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Department of Education receives research grant
Posted Tuesday, November 19, at 2:19 PM

The Arkansas Department of Education recently received a $32 million federal research grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This award, known as the PROMISE grant, was created to help teenagers with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income. ...

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Parole system
Posted Tuesday, November 12, at 3:35 PM

Any state's parole system must establish a difficult balance. You want to give those who have served their time a second chance to be productive citizens. By the same token, you want to keep the truly dangerous offenders behind bars for the safety of the public. ...

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Improving odds of stroke survival
Posted Tuesday, November 5, at 1:15 PM

Worldwide, more than six million lives are lost each year to stroke. In the United States, stroke is the fourth-leading cause of death. Sadly, Arkansas leads the nation in deaths from strokes, which claim more than 2,000 lives here every year. Those who survive a stroke are often left suffering from long-term disabilities...

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Making the process easier
Posted Tuesday, October 29, at 3:14 PM

Paying taxes and renewing vehicle registrations is a necessary part of American life for most of us, but rarely an enjoyable one. Governments should do what they can to at least make the process as simple as possible for its citizens. This is often easier said than done. However, Arkansas has made great technological strides in recent years to simplify both of these obligations...

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