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Waiting on a miracle

Posted Thursday, December 27, 2012, at 10:56 AM

"In seven seconds, share this message with seven people and you will receive a miracle tomorrow."

Anyone who has a personal computer will likely receive messages like the above one.

There are promises being made everyday with directions to forward a certain email to others, usually seven, 10 or 12 people. If you do, then good things are bound to come to you., the email says.

I get similar emails all the time.

So yesterday I forwarded the above message to seven of my email buddies. I would just test the promise and see if I received a miracle.

I waited all the next day for my miracle.

Nothing changed; nothing was different or out of the ordinary; nothing supernatural.

No one came knocking at my door with a Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes or anything else.

In fact it rained all day long and I stayed home, reading, and cooking a pot of deer stew.

I talked on the phone a couple of times, and that was it.

Then this morning I got to thinking. Maybe a miracle did happen. Not like turning water into wine or walking on water.

But maybe having an uneventful day was a miracle.

No doctor called to tell me my cancer had returned. I've been cancer free for almost 18 years with no recurrence.

No one called to tell me one of my children had been involved in a horrific car crash. Yes, they have health problems but they can walk, see, and hear and those are miracles we take for granted..

I did not break my toe on the vacuum cleaner as I have done in the past.

Two girfriends who live in distant towns called to chat, bearing only good news.

My house didn't catch on fire or a tree fall on the house.

And the New Madrid earthquake didn't happen.

There were no bomb threats at the school.

When I flipped on the light switch, the dark room was illuminated.

The furnace purred with heat that warmed my cold feet.

I wrapped myself in a warm fuzzy housecoat.

Water flowed freely from the kitchen faucet as I readied my coffeemaker for my morning coffee.

I did not go hungry or thirsty on miracle day.

I hit the power button to the television set and immediately watched a recap of world news.

To some people in war torn and poverty stricken lands, those would be miracles beyond imagination..

In America we take those everyday "miracles" in stride, never really giving them a second thought. Certainly never considering them to be miraculous.

We go to church on Sunday without fear of reprisal. No one is going to come knocking on our door and arresting us as terrorists. Or driving us away from home, causing us to hide in caves or wander in the wilderness..

We can proudly fly the American flag in front of our homes.

And salute our veterans on patriotic days..

No one can tell us we can't believe in miracles.

The birth of the Christchild was a miracle...

And the love we feel for a newborn baby is a wondrous miraculous thing.

So, on second thought, I may have experienced a miracle without realizing it.

Miracles don't have to come like a bolt of lightning.

They can happen on an ordinary day, in ordinary ways.

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