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How about a hen house?

Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012, at 2:24 PM

Have you narrowed your Christmas buying list down to those who are difficult to buy for; those who have everything?

I have some last minute ideas for you.

The ideas come right out of the Neiman Marcus 2012 holiday catalog.

First off, the items are pricey, opulent even.

You won't find them at Walmart, or Dollar Store or Fred's.

The first item is for the hard-to-buy man on your list.

It's a 2013 Neiman Marcus Edition McLaren 12C Spider (that's an automobile) and is just one of 12 made. It has limited edition features and a McLaren luggage set and a business-class trip to England to dine with Ron Dennis, the McLaren chairman.

The 12C Spider is Volcano red with diamond cut wheels with gloss black highlights. It has a retractable roof that comes in place in 17 seconds. For you men interested in racy engines, I'll tell you that the car has twin turnbocharged 3.8 liter V-8 engine that can hit 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds with top speeds of 204 mph (196 mph with the top down) Now what man wouldn't die for that.

Uh oh, this just in.

All 12 Spiders were lapped up within two hours of opening shop. They are gone, and at just $354,000 each. (Makes you think twice about the bad economy, doesn't it?)

Well, how about a nice spacious $100,000 hen house?

For chickens, of course.

It's a custom made multilevel dwelling, with a nesting area, a living room, a broody room, and a library with chicken and gardening books for human visitors. Also, the hen house has an elegant chandelier (makes you think again about our bad economy, doesn't it?).

Okay, for a more practical gift item from Marcus Neiman. How about two Poetic Wish watches from Cleef & Arpels with two business-class tickets to Paris and Geneva? The watches are valued at $1,090,000. No, I didn't say $1,090. The watches are a cool million dollars for that special couple on your list. (I thought this country was close to a recession).

Do you like tailgating or know someone who does?

Then you're in luck. Marcus has a $150,000 Bulleit Woody Tailgate trailer with sleek leather furnishings, elegant glassware, an entertainment center, a flat screen television set, a Blue-ray disc player, and a state of the art sound system. Thrown in for good measure is a one year supply of Bulleit bourbon and rye.

To me, the two-wheel trailer resembles an old 1940s station wagon with wood panels.

But when you raise the lid on the trailer, there's the makings for a great tail gate party.

Okay, if those one-a-kind gift items don't suit your fancy, there's one other thing. And it won't break the bank.

And that's a private dinner party for 10 with four of the culinary world's most notable chefs who will prepare a feast worthy of a king. There's also a tequilla tasting with world famous taster, Bertha Gonzalez. And the total price is a mere $250,000.

If you're lucky, the chefs might be persuaded to fix a pot of soup beans with ham and cornbread, too.

Now if none of those suggestions pike your interest, I can suggest only one other thing.

Go buy a gift card to Red Lobster, or Olive Garden or Cracker Barrel.

That ought to please anybody.

Merry Christmas!

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