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All over but the shouting

Posted Wednesday, November 7, 2012, at 10:23 AM

Hallelujah, the election is over.

I was beginning to feel like little four year old Abigael Evans from Fort Collins, Colo. She was on Utube one week ago sobbing that she was "tired of 'Bronco Bama' and Mitt Romney."

Tears ran down her cheeks as she cried after listening to an NPR segment on the election.

"Is that why you are crying?" her mother asked.

"Yes," nodded the little girl.

"Well, don't cry, Abby, it'll be over soon."

Little Abigael did get a public apology from NPR. The public radio station said it apologized to her and all the others who probably feel like her.

And over it is. The fat lady has sung.

Now we will hear critiques about how it all ended and how it happened.

We have been bombarded with campaign ads. I hope I never hear the phrases, "won't raise taxes, economic growth, and balance the budget."

The public has been flooded with the same words over and over from local, state and national contenders. America is weary of all the campaign rhetoric and campaign ads and solicitations by phone and mail.

And the news of Hurricane Sandy and her destruction dominated the news, too, this past week. I can't imagine the destruction and heartache of those people affected by the storm.

I can't help wondering, too, if that storm affected the outcome of the presidential election. Stranger things have happened.

I did go through flooding in Indiana when Pikes Creek behind my cottage overflowed. My family was ignorant of flash flooding and we were caught unawares. We had to be boated to safety by personnel from nearby Peru Air Force Base.

That rescue was imprinted on my children's minds and they still talk about it today. They were carried piggy back by rescuers who waded through waters to the boat that carried us to safety.

I'll always remember the force of the water as it rushed past my windows. What had been a peaceful creek turned overnight into a raging rushing torrent. Water came into the house and left a muddy mess that took hours of cleanup. But, at least, the cottage was still standing when the waters receded.

Now that the election is over, we can turn our thoughts to Christmas.

Already stores have stocked up on Christmas trees, decorations and gifts. And you can hear Christmas carols in some stores.

Really, I'm not ready for that. Yes, I like Christmas but sometimes even the Christmas season, like an election, seems to lag on for much too long.

Last weekend there were Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark channels. There's nothing I like less than Christmas movies that air right after Halloween.

I'd like to adjust my thinking from the weary campaigning to Thanksgiving before my mind turns to buying gifts, putting up a tree and decorating.

Yes, I know it isn't a good idea to wait until the last minute. That's because the merchandise will be picked over and some of the good buys gone. But I'm one of those shoppers who never knows what to buy, what will please. Therefore, I procrastinate.

I've resorted to giving a couple of gift cards but that seems so impersonal.

I had a friend who used to scold me for procrastinating. She would have all her shopping done by December while I was still looking at my list of names.

"Just do your duty," she'd say.

But that seemed so cold, calculating. I wanted to find the perfect gift. Of course, I never did.

There are always a couple of people on my list who are difficult to buy for. They have everything or else are particular about what they want.

Every year I vow to get my Christmas shopping done early so that I can sit back and enjoy the real Christmas...the church cantatas, the candlelight ceremony, the Christ Child, family dinner, and the social gatherings of friends. I want to negate the rush and hectic pace.

I don't want to be like little Abigael with tears streaming down my face, wishing that it was over.

Campaigning and Christmas.

Are they synonymous?

I pray not.

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