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Snow White and the Prince

Posted Tuesday, July 31, 2012, at 4:06 PM

When I was little, I always enjoyed the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I never tired of it.

So this week, I borrowed the storybook from my daughter, the school teacher. This morning I read the Disney storybook which varies somewhat to the story I used to read.

But there was the evil stepmother, the Queen, and Snow White, the Princess.

The evil Queen was jealous of Snow White so she forced the Princess to clean and scrub the castle .Then she plotted to have Snow White killed.

Snow White escaped into the woods and found refuge in a cottage with the Seven Dwarfs, who protected her.

Each day the Dwarfs would heigh-ho to the diamond mine where they worked.

Snow White stayed behind and kept busy dusting and cleaning their cozy cottage. The birds and creatures of the woods kept her company.

Eventually the wicked Queen found out where Snow White had hidden so she cooked up a scheme to kill her.

She would transform herself into an ugly old hag and persuade Snow White to eat a poison apple.

The plan worked and Snow White fell into a deep sleep. Nothing would awaken her but love's first kiss.

The Dwarfs put Snow White on a bed of solid gold and sadly watched over her.

One day the Prince on a white horse came to the Dwarfs' cottage and saw Snow White asleep on the golden bed. He had been searching for the lovely Princess for a long time.

And, so, he kissed her awake. The Seven Dwarfs danced with joy.

Then the Prince lifted Snow White onto his white horse and they rode off together---to live happily ever after, of course.

That ends the Disney version, but that's just the beginning.

Here's the 21st century continuation of the fairytale.

When they arrive at the castle, Snow White finds that the castle is a mess. The Prince has left his dirty knee-high socks and sashes in a pile on the bedroom floor. His dirty robes are piled on top the royal clothes hamper.

The floor has cobwebs and dust balls everywhere.

So the Princess sets about sweeping and cleaning the castle while the Prince reclines in his royal recliner.

She learns that the royal housekeeper has left in a huff.

That's because the Prince accused her of shrinking his royal trousers. And losing his favorite royal cap.

The toothpaste lid is gone and the toilet paper rolls are empty. And all the commode seats are raised.

And he doesn't know where he keeps the egg turner. He tracks in mud on his royal boots.

Time passes and the Prince and the Princess adjust.

She barely remembers the Prince Charming who swept her off her feet so long ago.

She looks across the long table at him and wonders, "Who is this stranger? Is this the charmer who wooed me?"

But, of course, there are other moments when she's transported to the time he "kissed her awake."

He's become her rock, the one who gives moral support and stands up for her. He's her protector. He holds her hand when she's sick, and comforts her.

They have become one just as the Holy Bible ordained.

He can almost read her mind. He finishes a sentence she has started.

And, sometimes, he does kiss her awake before he rides away on his white horse.

He is her Prince Charming.

The end...

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