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Life is everychanging

Posted Friday, April 27, 2012, at 1:55 PM

I read something the other day that caught my attention.

It said, " No man ever steps in the same river twice."

The quote was by philosopher Heraclitis of Ephesus. Sometimes the quote continues with, "for other waters are continually flowing in."

I wondered if that was the same as "You can never go home again."

Can we really "go back?"

Can we turn back the clock, mend an estranged friendship, or a broken relationship?

Can we relive the past, exactly? Can we "do over?"

Some things can't be changed, for sure. We just have to accept the outcome.

We age and grow. We change and circumstances change. The only constant is change.

We may yearn for things to be the way they once were, but can they be? Can we recapture the past?

Perhaps we grew up in a small town protected by family, friends, community. Then we leave for the big city and fortune. After many months or years we return, expecting things to be the same, but they aren't. Old friends have moved away, parents have grown old and, the school has been torn down. Nothing seems the same.

Have you heard people say that the house they once grew up in, somehow seems much smaller. That happened to me. I looked at the house on Laurant Ave., and wondered how six people could live in a two bedroom house wiith one bathroom. At the time, it didn't seem crowded or cramped.

We may yearn for the good old days, but they can't be relived. At least, not exactly as they once were.

Thus, we can't go home again.

There's another saying that popped out of the page for me this month.

It said, "That ship has sailed."

What does that mean? Does it mean there was an opportunity that passed you by? And you missed the boat.

Could you have missed the boat in a financial situation or a personal one?

There could be a relationship that has gone bad or has ended and can't be restored.

At least it can't be the way it once was.

It's like if a dermatologist makes an incision on your face to remove a cancer, it will heal but the place won't ever be the same. It will scar and leave a permanent mark

I also read a saying that got me thinking. It said, "Just when you think you've got life figured out, you lose your ring."

I'm sure we aren't expected to take that literally but it took my mind back to the morning I was happily sitting in church listening to the Sunday morning sermon..

I glanced down at my left hand and then looked again. It couldn't be, but one of the small diamonds in my anniversary ring was missing. I looked harder, and sure enough, the stone was gone.

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the morning. I had no idea how long the stone had been missing, or where.

I searched my carpet, emptied the vacuum cleaner bag and sifted through the dirt.. I looked in my car seats and everywhere, but no diamond.

A jeweler told me to turn out the lights at night, and use a flashlight to help in the search. A diamond will sparkle like crazy whenever the light hits the stone, he said.. I tried that but no luck.

I never found the diamond. Instead, I had it replaced with another one. It was just a small stone but it left a gaping hole where it should have been.

Of course, I think that saying must mean that we could be sailing through life, with all the pegs in place, when suddenly life throws us for a curve. We face a situation we've never experienced or ever expected to.

It might be a financial setback, or an unexpected death in the family. Or it could be an infidelity, a divorce, or catastrophic loss caused by fire, tornadoes or earthquake. or a bad accident..

Or it could be like me, who washed a load of jeans this morning, only to discover I'd left a bunch of Kleenex in a pocket.

It's surprising that we don't expect those kind of things will happen to us.

Just remember, in life you could lose your ring.

Or the boat might sail without you.

Or something wonderful could happen.

Life is ever changing.

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