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Groceries are changing

Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011, at 12:00 PM

The world is changing. So is coffee.

Have you noticed that the Maxwell House coffee container is smaller, not the normal 2lbs. 1.9 oz. container?

Folger's coffee, too, has introduced smaller packaging.

Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice because both products are still packaged in their traditional designs and colors.

Blue for Maxwell House, good to the last drop, and red for Folger's. Come to think of it, maybe Maxwell House has dropped its slogan too.

Both are advertising $5 for the new size. Well, okay, $4.99 plus tax. The larger size of 31.5 oz. is now a whopping $10 to $14. Maybe manufacturers are doing that to force us into the smaller size which they will up the price on later.

Probably the larger size will disappear from the market after the public adjusts to the new condensed size.

Seems that's the way it works.

Remember when both brands were packaged in 3 lb. canisters? And coffee came in metal tins with metal lids. We had to use a can opener to remove the lid. Now we have the EZ open plastic lids with aluminum foil sealers. That is a great improvement over the old style.

Now that we have discussed the various sizes, just what flavor would you like?

Gone are the days when you walked into the grocery store and bought the only flavor of coffee that was offered. Now there are dozens of choices.

It could take 15 minutes to decide which to buy.

Folger's coffee offers a choice of classic breakfast, black silk, French roast, French vanilla, country roast and gourmet supreme, to name some.

Maxwell House selections are wake Up roast, custom roast, masterblend, Columbian (made from Arabica beans), gourmet roast and original roast.

They also come in mild, medium and dark.

Other products have changed, too.

Remember when sugar was packaged in five-pound bags.

Candy bars have shrunk...and they cost more.

Coca Cola is now sold in 12 packs, plus the traditional 24 pack.

But the consumer can easily pay $8 for the 24 pack.

Coca Cola has also introduced a smaller 20 pack size for about $6.

All these changes, plus modern electronic products on the market have left some seniors bewildered.

How do you set the clock on a VCR? How do you reset the clock on the car?

My atomic clock was supposed to automatically change to daylight saving time, but it didn't.

Trying to reset the clock since the time change has been a challenge. To date, I have finally reset the correct day and time and the inside temperature setting but the outside temperature is not displayed. There are two simple buttons for changing the settings manually, but I have yet to master them. For a while, it was giving the day of the week in a foreign language.

The new phones will do everything but dance. In fact, they do that, too, when they vibrate.

My cellular phone is so old it has a pull out antenna. I have accumulated $426.40 in minutes because I rarely use it. I have to keep reactivating or lose all my minutes. The phone is now obsolete, replaced by smartphones and such. But it's good for an emergency.

And, no, I don't have an iPod or an iPad.

I'm still trying to figure out which coffee to buy.

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