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Where's the humor?

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at 1:28 PM

I wish I could find something funny to write about.

But I can't find any humor when an audit by the Justice Department this week revealed the government spent $4,200 on 250 muffins and $2,880 on 300 cookies and brownies, for a legal training conference.

By itemizing these costs, with service and gratuity, the muffins cost over $16 and cookies and brownies cost almost $10.

That's each.

In contrast I ate a bear claw yesterday that cost 75 cents. Okay, you can add some sales tax to that.

Also, I find no humor that President Obama and the administration presented its plan for its American Job Bill. The bill proposes to create a $200 a year enrollment fee for Tricare for Life insurance starting in 2013.

This affects military veterans and their families. Those veterans who served 20 years or more in military service to this country.

Mind you, this is just a proposal, not a done deal.

But I'm wondering, Mr. President, if you've already forgotten your speech of Aug. 30.

In it, you said, "The bond between our forces and our citizens must be a sacred trust. And for me and my administration, upholding that trust is not just a matter of policy. It is not about politics; it is a moral obligation. We cannot, and we must not, balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. And as commander in chief, I won't allow it."

I also find no humor in the Internal Revenue Service.

The letter saying I owe more taxes certainly had no humor in it.

The letter was dated June 13, 2011.

It requested that I file an income tax return for the year 2009.

Their records showed I hadn't filed an income tax return.

Okay, I hadn't. Because I didn't think I had to.

Anyway, I filed the 2009 return which indicated that I owed $81 to the IRS.

I mailed the $81 and forgot about it.

Two months later I received another humorless letter from the IRS.

There had been a miscalculation and I owed an additional $136, the letter said.

They took the liberty of making necessary changes that corrected the error.

As a result, I now owed $214.77.

That amount included $135 in a failure to file penalty and another $10.75 in failure-to-pay penalty.

Plus $14 in interest charges.

Mind you, it took the IRS months to decide I hadn't filed. Then two months to say there had been a miscalculation.

But they wanted the $214.77 in two weeks. (Maybe the IRS found humor in that).

I also sent that out by mail, before the deadline.

However, I expect another humorless letter in the future.

The IRS said that I was given a $55 stimulus check which I have no record of receiving.

That is listed on line 9 on my income tax form.

That amount factored into my total tax they said I owed.

Oh, well, it was "nice" to receive a letter.

That's a lost art in our computerized world.

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The truth is never funny...but the truth is a very stubborn thing..as it turns out, the receipt on which the Justice Department's inspector general based that assessment was written in a kind of catering short-hand. The muffin billing actually included: free meeting space, complimentary coffee, fresh fruit, assorted baked goods, taxes and tip. In short, a decent price for a continental breakfast.

-- Posted by coloneldan1 on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, at 11:50 AM

Colonel, I got my info from Diane Sawyer's ABC evening news. One of the journalists actually held up one of the muffins. I also read the same info in NAUS Weekly Update (a military source).

NAUS mentioned "with service and gratuity."

Whenever I stay overnight. my accommodations provide a meeting room and a free continental breakfast. I don't know anything about the legal training conference accommodations.

Thanks for writing. I like to hear from my readers. I like your comment that truth is a very stubborn thing. Peggy

-- Posted by billy066@centurytel.net on Fri, Sep 30, 2011, at 12:10 PM

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