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It's necktie time again

Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at 2:52 PM

Sometimes I feel sorry for dads.

It takes a real man to be a daddy.

They have so much to live up to.

When they first hold their newborn in their arms, they have no idea what's in store.

So there's much expected of them.

First off, they must be a provider.

They must stick around to see that the child is taken care of.

They must be a protector.

The father must teach his child, from how to tie shoes to how to tie a necktie.

He has to teach other things, like appreciation and respect..

He compliments, encourages, instructs.

He must be tough, but fair.

He lets his kids make some mistakes, and he isn't afraid to admit his own..

He's open-minded.

He spends quality time with the child.

He must discipline, sometimes using tough love through power of words, not fists.

He must be a moral guide and set a good example.

He must have a good work ethic.

He has to set boundaries.

Yet he should have fun with the kids.

He should listen when they try to explain something to him.

Be patient, even when he's tired.

He should have integrity.

He should show compassion.

He should show affection, so that the child feels loved.

He must lead by example, not by that credo of "do as I say, not as I do."

He's the child's public defender, standing up for him.

True, he may get upset, lament a child's shortcomings and faults, but loves no less.

He's the one the child should feel free to turn to when things go wrong.

Perhaps the father's greatest quality is that he loves unconditionally.

He may even have to build a sandbox or put up a swing set or wipe a runny nose..

Someone said that almost any man can father a child but it takes a real man to be there through the bad stuff as well as the good.

Happy Father's Day to all you real dads.

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