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Never put off tomorrow

Posted Tuesday, April 12, 2011, at 10:09 AM

Okay, guys. It's time to get started on your Christmas shopping. There are only 255 days until Christmas.

No, I'm not kidding. You always fool around until Christmas Eve before you even think about buying gifts. By then, things are picked over, and there's little on the shelves. You hastily grab a box of candy or something that doesn't fit, have the store clerk gift wrap it, and you're done.

And that's gotta stop.

While your wife or girlfriend is shopping for an Easter outfit this month, you could tag along and start picking up a few nice Christmas gifts to stash away.

Some women do that all the time, i.e. two of my girlfriends, Dot and Shirley.

And, no, your significant other doesn't want a new chainsaw or a coal bucket.

Perfume, yes, or jewelry, yes, but not a repair kit for the carburetor.

I actually got a new carburetor from my husband one Christmas. And a white set of sheets. Of course, that was during our lean years. The car wouldn't run without a carburetor and my wedding sheets were waxing thin.

Nevertheless that year when anyone asked me what I got for Christmas, I suddenly had a coughing fit and had to be excused from the room.

Yes, men do procrastinate about buying gifts.

We all procrastinate now and then.

All year I've said I would clear out and dispose of old magazines.

They multiply like rabbits in my baskets and racks. I always intend to read them but keep putting it off until tomorrow.

My computer desk is in disarray, as usual. There are notebooks, loose papers, eyeglasses, new and old calendars, and a peanut butter s'mores metal box, which doesn't belong.

On the daybed there are stuffed animals (mine) and too many decorative pillows, and clothes that won't fit in my closet, or me either.

Procrastination is a bad habit, easily cultivated as one gets older. I read somewhere that 20 percent of people are procrastinators They are always going to do something. But as Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Co., said, "You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do."

Now that stings. I was going to vacuum my floors to make a good impression on my friend, Eve, but I procrastinated.

And I intended to straighten up the computer room before Sunday, but I had to put that off so that I could wash the jeans that I need to wear to my sister's house because I keep putting off visiting my sister because of the rain and I don't like to drive in rain.

Okay, most people procrastinate at sometime or other. And they can offer up a million limp excuses why they can't do this or that.

Here's what to do. Use a timer. Set the timer for 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes, do some cleaning. If at the end of those minutes, you want to continue, then set the timer for 15 additional minutes. Or stop. That's your preference.

Or you could use those 15 minutes to declutter the junk drawer. Discard the unusables. Maybe some of the items aren't in the right place and need to be put in their rightful place.

Also put away the heavy winter stuff. You'll soon be needing lighter weight clothing. But keep a sweater handy. Springtime has a few weather surprises and periodically plays April Fool jokes.

During your 15 minutes of work, you could pitch old statements or junk mail. Or discard those magazines that take up space.

I keep a written to do list in my house. That helps me not to procrastinate.

I might write down that I am to pay the bills on a certain day. That means writing out checks for due bills since I don't pay mine electronically....

Or I might remind myself to purchase certain food items the next time I grocery shop.

Or I might tell myself to mop the kitchen or sweep the garage.

Writing down the daily chores encourages me to actually do them, not put them off.

Speaking of procrastination, I just learned a few minutes ago, via the Internet, that the Senate approved Gold Star Wives Day to be recognized on April 5. It was approved during an evening session of the Senate on April 5. However, the Gold Star Wives organization wasn't notified of the approval until the morning of April 6. Because Congress had been in chaos trying to avoid a government shutdown, Gold Star Wives Day got last minute approval.

Nevertheless, Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. is honored to be recognized. The organization is made up of wives (and widowers) who lost their military spouses through active duty or service connected causes. The primary mission is to give service, support and friendship to the survivors. The organization has been serving war widows from all conflicts since it was founded in 1945.

There are approximately 10,000 members with 53 chapters located in 26 states.

Reminder: Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

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