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It's getting muddy

Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2011, at 9:38 AM

It's getting muddy out there.

Used to be life was black and white.

Now the truth is discolored.

Time was when a man and woman got married and forsook all others.

And there weren't any live-ins which is common place nowadays.

There weren't any homosexuals depicted in standard settings on the television screen.

Designers were women like Edith Head, not gay men telling women how to dress or design their homes.

There are a lot of gray areas being introduced.

Entertainment, despite censorship, has changed dramatically since Clark Gable said the infamous "damn" in Gone With the Wind. That's tame by today's standard. There's sex, violence, bad language on most televised movies. Late night show hosts, too, think nothing of common place profanity.

Soap operas depict sexual improprieties as matter of fact, the norm. They play games with love and marriage.

Young people are exposed to distorted views of life. Adultry is passe; the word barely bantered anymore.

Movie stars are spotlighed in their real life relationships as they switch partners periodically.

Supposedly that switching is considered normal, with little consequences.

Marriage, too, is getting muddier. We now have gay marriages in some states.

Over half of all first marriages are now preceded by living together, compared to virtually none 50 years ago.

The number of unmarried couples living together increased 72 percent between 1990 and 2000.

Yes, the number of unmarried couple households is increasing steadily.

I personally know of some elderly couples who cohabit due to economic reasons. If they married, one of them would have to give up a check and they aren't willing to do that. Others, rejecting that option, remain single.

Cohabiting couples have a rate of separation that is five times that of married couples.

Statistics show, also, that the population of unmarried women will soon surpass the number of married women. This indicates a rejection of the Divine Institution of Marriage by the population.

The ratio of new marriages to divorces is 2 to 1.

Where are the children living due to divorce? Children living with only one parent has increased from 9 percent in 1960 to 27 percent in 2009. Of those, 87 percent of the children live with the mother.

Fashions have changed too. Plunging necklines, especially in entertainment, are no longer considered risque. Can you remember when no respectable woman would wear jeans in public? All that subtly changed as women switched to pantsuits in lieu of skirts and pantyhose. Acid washed jeans were replaced with tight fitting stretch skinny jeans.

Trendy sunglasses became a must for both sexes and today are worn indoors as well as out.

And what about mud wrestling? That's certainly a modern spectator sport that was unheard of in the 40s.

I guess the closest thing that came to that was the girlie shows at the county fairs.

And no respectable man would ever claim he went to one. And, indeed, many did not.

That would muddy one's good name, which was considered more desirable than great riches or fine perfume.

At least that was the biblical teaching.

It was as valued as a man's handshake.

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