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Sunday, Mar. 26, 2017

Snow day

Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 10:26 AM

Friday, Jan. 6, was the first snow day for area schools. Teachers and students got to enjoy an extra day the first week of returning from the Christmas/New Year break.

We all know about the January blahs. Christmas is over, New Year's Day is over and it seems like forever before we will have another holiday. Sometimes a little snow can perk us up.

The snow day gave the kids one more day to sleep in. When we get a little snow we are excited. People in the northeast and northwest would not even consider what we get as a real snow. They would probably call it a "dusting." I am glad I don't live in an area where the snow falls two or three feet at a time.

In our area we usually have our harshest winter weather in January and February. It seems we had a mild finish of 2016 with Christmas Day coming in at 60 degrees.

January is just not a very exciting month but a little snow helped. Weather is unpredictable in Northeast Arkansas and the inch or two of snow we received could be one of many or our only bit of snow for the year.

Remember, if you have to be out, even with a little snow or ice, be careful. We just can't drive as usual. We need to slow down and be ready for sliding in case we can't stop.

I remember my dad trying to teach me how to drive when there was ice on the streets. I remember his caution of slowing down and putting the car into neutral before getting to the intersections. He told me to barely tap on the brakes to keep from sliding all over the road. I don't know if those instructions are in the driver's manual but I do remember his words.

Another thing about winter and snow I don't care for is the fact it is cold. At one time the cold weather did not bother me but in this stage of my life, I am not crazy about the low temperatures. On days like our Friday snow day it would have been good to stay home and curl up with a good book, watch old movies, and eat a lot of junk food.

It was just a little snow on Friday and there was no damage. Let's not let the January blahs get us down. Just remember the ice storm in January of 2009 and be thankful for our lights and heat. That was a week to remember. Because of that experience, many of us have generators today.

I am sure the kids all loved getting the extra day out of school on Friday and making snow angels. It has been many years since my children were in school, but I can remember their excitement when they heard the announcement, "no school in Manila."

I have to admit everything did look really beautiful all covered in white.

It took me back to the days of my grandmother's snow cream. She would send us kids out with a big pan to get the cleanest snow we could find.

Here is her recipe just in case we get another snow.

1 cup milk (she always used a can of cream)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 pan full of clean snow

Mix all together and serve it to the grandkids. We had to eat it fast because like the snow, it does not last long.

Oh, the memories of childhood days at Grandma's house.

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