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Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

November has arrived

Posted Tuesday, November 1, 2016, at 8:58 AM

November has a lot of days to take notice of, including Daylight Saving Time ending Sunday, Nov. 6 (remember spring forward, fall back); election day on Tuesday, Nov. 8; Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11; BIC Homecoming, Friday, Nov. 18; Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 24; and Black Friday, Nov. 25, (which now starts on Thursday). One more important date not on the calender is my birthday, Nov. 19.

When we are young we look forward to birthdays, but at my age we are just thankful we have one more. I was born in 1950 so the math tells me I will be 66 this month. I really don't feel old but I really can't move middle age any farther than 55 or 60. No changing it, I have turned into an older lady.

There are advantages to getting older but the only one I can think of is cheaper coffee or meals at some places. Honestly, I would rather pay the extra 50 cents and be 49.

Age is a funny thing. It is in the eyes of the beholder. For instance, when I was 13, I thought 35 was old. When I was 35 I thought 65 was old. When I turned 65 I decided 75 might be the new old. I will just have to wait and see.

People ask me often when I plan to retire. I do not know. Several years ago I thought I would really want to retire when I turned 65 but when I got there, I didn't want to. I like what I do and I have done it for well over half of my life. I hope to stay with it for a while longer.

One thing about getting older that bothers me is becoming a spectator rather than a participant. I can remember when I thought nothing of roller skating with the grandkids or enjoying a family ball game. I might be up for a brisk walk around the block but I don't think I am up to playing third base anymore.

If we are fortunate enough to live long enough, we have to enjoy the things we can do and accept the things we no longer can do and live each day to the fullest. There's my advise on getting older.

Moving on to November dates, don't forget to set your clock back on Saturday night, Nov. 5.

Early voting has begun with Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Don't forget to vote.

Veterans Day is Nov. 11. Veterans deserve to be honored on all days. Without them we would not live in a country where we can enjoy our freedom. We can live where we want to, work where we want to, worship where we want to, and yes, even criticize the way things are done without punishment. With all of our problems, America is still where I want to live.

Let's not slide by Thanksgiving. To me Thanksgiving is a reminder of the strength of the first settlers who came and survived. It is a time to be thankful for our family and friends.

Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday and I know I am not the only "crazy" person out there every year. Evidently there are a lot of us because the lines are long and the parking lots are full. If I get the bargains or not, I really do enjoy the hunt. I meet new people and have interesting conversations in the long lines.

November is a busy month. It also reminds us the end of the year is nearing and a new one is about to begin.

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