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No changing the weather

Posted Tuesday, January 22, 2013, at 2:03 PM

We have had rain, snow, ice, high temperatures, low temperatures, and everything in-between. The weather in northeast Arkansas has always been a bit unpredictable but it seems this year other parts of the country are having the same problem.

Last week I talked to my grandchildren in Yorktown, Vir., and it was in the high 60s there and it was in the mid 30s here. It was cold in places in California that usually do not get cold.

There is no telling what a glass of orange juice will cost us due to the unusual cold weather in Florida.

I have said before, I do like living where we can experience (at least in part) all four of the seasons. I don't think I would like to live where the temperature stays the same year round. What would we have to complain about if we had a year-round 75 degree climate?

I hate to complain about the weather because we really do need the rain. We are most blessed in this part of the country because of our water table. It does have to be replenished from time to time or our blessings could change. We hear of places throughout our country that have water shortages and thankfully, so far, our water has always been plentiful.

I have always heard snow and a good freeze is good for the soil. Hopefully, my information is correct and we have gotten enough cold weather to be beneficial to our farmers in the spring. That makes another good reason to have winter weather.

I enjoy looking for a bargain on winter coats, scarves and gloves at the end of each season. I can't imagine living where I would never need a winter coat.

The changes in the weather also make a good conversation topic. How many times a day do we say, or hear greetings such as: sure is cold; is it hot enough for you; good day for a duck; pretty day; the wind will blow you away; or I'm ready for spring. There are many more ways to comment on the weather of the day. We can always have something to say about the weather regardless of the season.

Area schools were out last Wednesday due to icy roads. I think everyone would agree we would much rather stay an extra day in school and have our children safe than take chances.

Since the ice storm of 2009 I get a little nervous when the ice starts staying on the roads and the electrical lines. I'm over 60 and that was the worst damage I had ever seen due to ice. We all got a taste of what it was like to not have electricity. Some had no heat and no way to cook. Fortunately we have a gas range and a gas hot water heater so we were okay. I am sure many more residents have generators now than then.

Among the things we (mankind) have not been able to do is change the weather. We have come a long way in technology and the weather can be predicted and people can be forewarned. We are made aware of the possibilities of bad weather but we can't stop it or change it. We just have to prepare for it. If we don't like the weather where we live, we can move but we have to keep in mind moving is no guarantee of sunshine all of the time. At least in our corner of the world the weather changes often so if you don't like it today, tomorrow may be better.

When there is ice on the highways we need to be careful when we have to get out. Driving takes on a whole new set of skills when the brakes send you spinning instead of stopping.

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