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Worry does not solve problems

Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013, at 1:21 PM

We are already mid-way through the first month of the New Year 2013. Again, where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday when everyone was worried about what would happen with all of the electronics as the year went from 1999 to 2000.

I never worried about the transition because I decided if they were smart enough to create it, they would be smart enough to fix it if it went wrong. Fortunately, everything went smooth and life continued into the year of 2000.

All of that to get to the subject of the day -- worry. The recent talk of our country going over the fiscal cliff because our leaders would not work together caused quite a stir. Again, I had hopes they would solve the problem but I did not lose sleep because there was not much I could do about it.

It is impossible to live a worry free life but as I get older I am trying to pick and choose my worries. If I let myself I could be a chronic worrier. I guess I take after my maternal grandmother. We often teased her about waiting until something happened to worry about it. She was living proof that worry does not cause gray hair. She lived to be almost 90, worried every day and did not have any gray hair. Both my grandmothers were wonderful examples to me and I will always be grateful to have had them in my life for over 50 years.

A good friend told me years ago that I did not have enough stress in my life and therefore I worried too much about insignificant things. As I have gotten older, I realized what she meant. As things happen in our lives we have to deal with the big events and learn not to worry about the little things.

I've read books on how to handle stress but I still have not mastered it.

We need to use the common sense the good Lord has given us and try not to waste time worrying about things that we can't change.

Some of the tips offered to me to help relieve stress include taking up a hobby, reading a good book, exercise, volunteering, avoiding things that stress us out, and take a little time every day to do something we enjoy. It may not be easy but the more we practice it, the easier it will become. We may never be worry-free but if we can do better today than yesterday, it is progress.

It is also important to remember, worry does not and never will solve a problem.

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