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Let's make it better

Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2013, at 3:02 PM

We are in a new year and hopefully we can focus on positive things. I don't know why negative things seem to outweigh positive thoughts as we go through life.

Have you ever noticed how contagious negativity can be? We can start the day out in a good mood and have a short "negative" conversation with someone and all of a sudden the mood has changed and we can't seem to get back the positive.

Why does bad news travel so much faster than good news? The bad news comes and it stays around for a while. The good news may be shared a time or two with close friends but it does not really make the "party-line" circuit.

I am offering a challenge for all of us to try to keep a positive attitude and see if it can relieve some of the negativity around us. It will make 2013 a better year.

Several years ago I wrote a column similar to this one and I got a response from a reader who advised me to "get my head out of the sand and live in the real world."

I really do think for the most part we can live in the real world where we have real problems and still maintain a positive outlook on life. It may not be easy and it may take effort, but it could be worth a try.

Every morning we wake up and are able to get out of bed, we should look forward to the day and meet the challenges head on. We have all heard the old saying about the man who felt sorry for himself because he had no shoes until he met the man who had no feet. There is a lot to be learned about life from that one little sentence.

We should be excited about every New Year we are privileged to experience. It should be interesting to see what new technology comes our way. We might make new friends and we can't have too many friends in this life. Maybe we can travel to a place we have never been before and see new and interesting things. We can take time to visit with our old friends. We can take time to read a book. Most families will have new babies born and who can deny the miracle of a new birth.

There are things around us we cannot change but there are things we do have the power to change such as our attitude and outlook on life.

A friend did me a favor one time and would take nothing in return. I thanked her and again tried to pay her. Her answer has stayed with me a long time. She said, "The only thing we will take with us when we leave this world is what we have given away."

Like most families, 2012 was not a perfect year for us. We had our ups and downs. I am sure 2013 will not be all roses but I am convinced we can make our corner of the world a better place if we work at it. Just for one day let's see how many smiles we can get in return. If you have too much time on your hands and get bored, volunteer at a nursing home or a school.

Let's get excited about another New Year. Let's make it better than ever before.

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